Pik'r Range Picking Robot Enhances U.S. Open Experience at Pinehurst

 Korechi Innovations Inc. proudly introduces its autonomous robotic golf ball picker, the Pik'r-1500, now operational at the prestigious 124th U.S. Open at Pinehurst Resort. As golfers perfect their drives on the newly converted Cradle 9-hole course, the Pik'r robot is enhancing the efficiency and safety of golf ball retrieval.

Golf Ball Collection with Pik'r

The Pik'r-1500, designed for rugged terrains like Pinehurst's driving range, features a durable steel frame and a thick stainless-steel shell, ensuring it operates under the harsh conditions of a professional practice range. Equipped with advanced GPS technology, the robot efficiently collects thousands of balls daily, ensuring a seamless supply for competitors.

The Pik'r Advantage

The introduction of the Pik'r-1500 at a high-profile event such as the U.S. Open highlights its capacity and reliability. The robot's lightweight design, paired with a long-lasting battery, allows for all-day operation, minimizing disruptions to practice sessions. Its autonomous nature not only reduces the labor required for ball collection but also significantly cuts down on operational costs and environmental impact, operating on less than $1/day of electricity.

A Sustainable and Efficient Solution

As golf facilities worldwide face staffing shortages, the Pik'r offers a sustainable solution to the labor-intensive task of range picking. By automating ball retrieval, staff can focus on enhancing guest experiences and other value-added services. This shift not only addresses operational challenges but also aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable practices in sports management.
About Korechi Innovations
Korechi Innovations, a Canadian company known for its robust design and manufacturing of autonomous robots, has gained recognition for its application of advanced robotics in both agriculture and sports. Since its entry into the golf industry in 2019, Korechi has seen the deployment of the Pik'r across North America, retrieving millions of golf balls at major golf facilities.
As the U.S. Open continues, Korechi Innovations invites golf industry professionals and enthusiasts to witness the future of golf range management through the efficiency and reliability of the Pik'r-1500. Discover more about how this innovative robot is transforming golf practices by visiting Korechi's website.
For additional information on the Pik'r range picker and its capabilities, please visit their website at https://korechi.golf/. Join us in embracing the future of golf with cutting-edge technology that ensures both performance and sustainability on the driving range.

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