The vital role of industrial workstations in manufacturing

Workstations, also known as workbenches, may seem futile, but they play an important role on any manufacturing floor. They serve as the nexus of productivity, providing a dedicated space for employees to perform jobs with optimal efficiency. Many essential tasks are completed with the help of industrial workstations and tool workbenches. Set your employees up for success by equipping them with custom, ergonomic, and modular workstations to foster comfort, satisfaction, retention, and productivity.


The importance of a custom workstation

There are many workstation providers. How do you know which is best? According to manufacturers, customization of workstations is key to obtaining the right fit for a safe and comfortable work area for your employees. With Vention’s 3D CAD design software, anyone can build a custom workstation from scratch. All you need to know is the ideal dimensions of your structure and its estimated load. Once you know these numbers, designing is as easy as snapping modular parts together and adding on pre-vetted accessories.

Learn step-by-step how to design a customizable workbench.


Modular components crucial for long-term success

It’s very common for manufacturing floors to change and evolve over time, necessitating adaptable equipment. Instead of having to purchase a brand new workstation to make edits or upgrades, invest in a workstation made of modular components from the outset. Vention’s Parts Library is made up of thousands of modular components, all rigorously tested for compatibility. This makes reconfiguring your modular workstation simple when the time comes.

Discover how Edwards uses Vention’s modular workstations to future-proof their factory floor.


Fast delivery and simple assembly

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend days assembling their new industrial workstation after waiting months for it to be delivered. There is a better solution out there. With Vention, your custom workstation can be designed one day and delivered the next. We ensure this next-day shipping with in-stock parts and distribution centers in North America and Europe. Once you receive your industrial worktable, assemble it in just a few hours using a single tool.

Read how PMB Suspension had its seven industrial carts, workbenches, and jigs shipped and assembled within days.



Start optimizing your workspace

Industrial workbenches and workstations are a game-changer for manufacturing efficiency. However, not all industrial equipment is created equally. By utilizing Vention to design custom, ergonomic, and modular workstations, your manufacturing floor will be optimized to your employee’s needs and future-proofed against evolving demands.


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