Cogniteam's Nimbus Supports Cloud-Enabled Robot Deployment Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform

Cogniteam integrates NVIDIA Isaac GEMs into Nimbus, streamlining robotics from development to deployment leveraging the NVIDIA Jetson platform

Geek+ opens new South Korea office & announces CJ Logistics project with country's number 1 e-commerce platform

• Robots fully deployed in Naver Shopping distribution center, South Korea's number 1 e-commerce platform, servicing the country's e-commerce customers • Operational efficiency boosted by 33% • Second project with partner CJ Logistics, South Korea's leading logistics group • Geek+ opens South Korean office

UltraFlex shrink-fitting with induction a stainless steel cap onto an aluminum housing within mere 10 seconds

By using induction heating for this shrink-fitting process, the customer could achieve high-quality and repeatable results, with short heat cycle times that would allow him to increase the productivity.

Automated Micro-Fulfillment Market - An installed base of 6600 MFCs by 2030

As per LogisticsIQ™ latest market research study, Micro Fulfillment Market is expected to have a cumulative opportunity worth ~$36B in next 10 years by 2030 with an installed base of ~6600 MFCs if the technology and concept remains permanent. Year 2022 & 2023 are going to be the cornerstone for Micro Fulfillment market touching a billion-dollar mark and setting the base for the future.

ACS Motion Control Releases SPiiPlusCMxa EtherCAT® Motion Controller to Maximize Motion System Accuracy

ACS Motion Control has released its SPiiPlusCMxa, the latest product in its SPiiPlus series of EtherCAT®-based master motion controllers. Suitable for applications with micron to nanometer resolutions and demanding velocity control requirements, this device includes up to three integrated motor drives that leverage powerful servo control algorithms to maximize motion system performance. It is also configurable to control up to 64 axes.

Kassow Robots' KR810 7-Axis Cobot is a Perfect Fit for Machine-Tending Applications

Strong - fast - simple: The lightweight robot KR810 has a payload of up to 10 kg, a reach of 850 mm, speed of 225 degree/second, and 7 degrees of freedom.

Hy-Tek Holdings Acquires Advanced Handling Systems

Hy-Tek Holdings (Hy-Tek), a portfolio company of Dunes Point Capital, LP (DPC), has acquired Advanced Handling Systems, LLC (AHS). Hy-Tek is a material handling automation integrator serving clients in diverse end-markets and applications, including ecommerce, third-party logistics, and parcel. AHS is a material handling automation integrator offering a full suite of services with a focus on robotic solutions. Together, the companies operate as Hy-Tek Material Handling, LLC. The acquisition was announced by Hy-Tek Holdings CEO Sam Grooms.

Doosan Robotics' collaborative robots marks annual sales of over 1,000 units, breaking through domestic records

-Acquires investment worth US$33.7 million from Praxis Capital Partners & Korea Investment Partners -Plans to establish North America and Europe subsidiaries, aiming to expand global market footprint -Aims for IPO in the future while strengthening R&D capability to increase global market share

In the case of Robotic Process Automation- Germany is far ahead of the USA

Germany is also the leading maker, just as a devoted adopter of assembling robots. Germany's blasting auto industry can be credited with driving the relationship between's bot thickness and modern development.

SaaSworthy Ranks InnoMaint as the Fastest Growing Software in CMMS

Know how Innomaint continues to work its way through carving a niche for itself in the CMMS market offering a cost-effective modern and practicable solution to maintenance management.

Proud Automation, Division of RG Group Named Certified System Integrator by MiR.

Pittsburgh, PA, January 4, 2022 - Proud Automation has become the latest addition to the Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) list of certified system integrators. As a certified systems integrator, the company will assist MiR in implementing robots and offer customized solutions to industrial, manufacturing, and logistics customers to suit their application needs.

CURSIR solution was selected by NPO RTS as a tool for pre-flight checks at the commissioning of navigational aids

NPO RTS has completed the installation of the ILS 734 instrument landing system at Magas Airport in the Republic of Ingushetia. One of the innovations that made it possible to significantly reduce the duration of the landing system preparation for the control flight inspection was the use of the NAVAID calibration drone developed by CURSIR.

UltraFlex demonstrates time- and energy-efficient induction brazing for copper parts

This customer-requested demonstration proved that by using induction to braze the copper assemblies, the customer would achieve consistent and repeatable results, with high energy- and cost-efficiency of the brazing process.

Rectangular Connectors with the Heat Shield for High-Temperature Manufacturing Environment

Mencom high-temp series enclosures and inserts are designed to withstand a higher range of temperatures up to 180°C (356°F).

Atlas underlines the power of SaaS to deliver enhanced protection against cyber-attacks

One of the world's leading authorities on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms is urging more companies to explore the potential of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms to protect their businesses and assets.

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PI USA - Difference between Gantry & Split-Bridge

PI USA - Difference between Gantry & Split-Bridge

A traditional gantry system employs X-Y or X-Y-Z range of motion. Mounted on a base plate, usually granite, 2 parallel rails constitute the synchronized Y axis motion while the cross axis (bridge axis) provides the X motion. A vertical axis can be added on the bridge for the Z motion. A Split Bridge system can be less complex than a traditional gantry system because synchronization of the two parallel linear motors is not required. Both systems are used in industrial production, testing, and additive manufacturing.