ACEINNA INS401 Inertial Navigation System (INS) and GNSS/RTK Turnkey Solution for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Precise Positioning

INS401 provides turnkey, high accuracy and integrity lane level positioning for current and future ADAS and AV applications that require ASIL-B

CURSIR solution was selected by NPO RTS as a tool for pre-flight checks at the commissioning of navigational aids

NPO RTS has completed the installation of the ILS 734 instrument landing system at Magas Airport in the Republic of Ingushetia. One of the innovations that made it possible to significantly reduce the duration of the landing system preparation for the control flight inspection was the use of the NAVAID calibration drone developed by CURSIR.

Improved Image Quality and Resolution for all ZEISS Laser Scanning Microscopes

ZEISS LSM Plus and ZEISS Airyscan Joint Deconvolution introduced

RoboSense Reached Strategic Partnership With Horizon Robotics to Accelerate Large-Scale Implementation of High-Level Autonomous Driving Solutions

Leveraging its leading smart LiDAR software and hardware technologies, RoboSense will join hands with Horizon Robotics to promote the large-scale commercialization of all segments of intelligent connected vehicle.

Velodyne Lidar Provides Perception Technology for ROBORACE Autonomous Racing Series

Velodyne Official Lidar System Provider in Next Generation ROBORACE Vehicles

Camera & Software System Provide 3D Machine Vision for Robot Applications

New Vision Offerings from Matrix Vision, a brand of Balluff, Reduce System Costs

Skyward Announces Preorders for Parrot ANAFI Ai 4G LTE Connected Drone Solution

Verizon 4G LTE connectivity powers mid-flight data transfer to create 2D maps and direct data transfer to build 3D models within Skyward

Point One Navigation and Quectel Bring Precise Location to Robotics and Agriculture Markets

Point One and Quectel partnership creates highly affordable, small and easy to use high precision GNSS module integrating RTK for mass market applications

Robot Operations Group Announces RobOpsCon 2022

A gathering of the global community of robotics and operations experts will advance the best practices for scaling the use of autonomous robots across industries

Hexagon | NovAtel delivers ROS 2 compatible drivers to the OEM7 receiver

The NovAtel OEM7 drivers are developed and managed by NovAtel engineers to provide an optimised interface for autonomy projects. The drivers allow for quick incorporation of NovAtel's OEM7 receivers into custom ROS 2 based applications.

Berkeley Marine Robotics Awarded a Competitive R&D Grant by the National Science Foundation

Berkeley Marine Robotics Inc. (BMR) has been awarded an innovation research grant (SBIR) by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct R&D and field demonstration of an autonomous underwater swarm robotic system that can perform rapid automated inspections under ships to assess hull biofouling and detect invasive species.

Newsight Imaging Introduces the NSI1000A0M: A New Optimized Depth Sensor for Outdoor Automotive and Robotics Applications

The NSI1000A0M supports 1024x32 concurrent depth points in addition to multi-triangulation and fast camera mode, and it recently got 3X better performance compared to previous versions

Smart Electric Actuators Address Carpal Tunnel Problems in QC

Moving Coil Actuator resolves issues that arise from repeated manual labor.

Serve Robotics Secures Funding From Strategic Investors Uber, Delivery Hero-backed DX Ventures, 7-Eleven's 7-Ventures, and Wavemaker Labs

New funding will help accelerate scaling of the company's robotic platform, support geographic expansion, and drive continued product development

Simnovus Partners with Dualos for 5G UE Simulator

Simnovus has chosen Dualos, LLC as its U.S.-based federal partner for the sale of its UE Simulator product.

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REIKU's Cable Saver™ - The Most Versatile Modular Robotic Cable Management Solution

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