In order to get along with other nations and proffer solutions to Japans ageing societal problems, Japanese companies and all other stakeholders are developing a policy involving the use of robots, IOT and AI.

Super Smart Society: Society 5.0

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A major policy for the economy, society and the general public popularly called “Super Smart Society” (Society 5.0) is being strongly promoted by Council for Science, Technology and Innovation; Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.  

Efforts are now being arranged under government-private partnership to lead the change in the so called fourth industrial revolution. In order to get along with other nations and proffer solutions to Japan’s ageing societal problems, Japanese companies and all other stakeholders are developing a policy involving the use of robots, IOT and AI.

This policy is anticipated to introduce transformational change in an expansive scope of industrial solutions such as manufacturing, logistics, sales, transportation, medical care, finance and public services. This eventually will have effect on people’s work and lives by giving them encouragement to realize high quality of life. Defining the Smart society and as well support systems are being layed out towards realizing the goal for Smart Society development, adding  new value in the society.


The new super smart society

Here are some factors of a super smart society:as per the policy, It is a society in which the different needs of members are distinctly met through the provision of the relevant goods and services in the desired amount to the people who need them, and in which the entire people can be assessable to top notch services and live a convenient, vibrant life that takes into account their differences such as age, gender, religion or language.

To develop and realize an environment in which people and robots and artificial intelligence (AI) exist together and work to enhance personal satisfaction by offering finely separated redid administrations that meet different consumer needs. The general public should likewise be capable of foreseeing potential needs and giving services to bolster human activities, determining crevices in service because of contrasts in religion, age, and so on; and empowering anybody to be a service provider.  

Then again, on account of the high level of converging amongst the internet and the genuine world in a super brilliant society, the harm that cyber-attacks can exact on this present reality will likewise turned out to be progressively extreme and may truly influence individuals' lives, including their financial and social exercises. In this way, accomplishing a more elevated amount of security is required. Such endeavors will serve as a wellspring of mechanical quality and universal intensity.

Essential advances are important to build the super shrewd society platform; this means that the innovations associated with distribution, processing, and accumulation of data in the internet are the key advances in framing our world-leading super smart society and making included worth from huge information. Consequently, Japan will accelerate solidification of the accompanying central innovations specifically.  

- Cyber security: innovation that backs up safe data and communication, considering the qualities of the IoT, for example, the long life cycles from configuration to transfer.

- IoT system architecture technology: technology that empowers the displaying of equipment and programming as segments, and the building and working of expansive scale systems.  

- Big data analytics: innovation associated with getting knowledge and value from a lot of a wide assortment of information, including unstructured information.  

- AI: technology that backs IoT, enormous information examination, and advanced communication.

- Device technology: innovation that empowers fast, real-time preparation of extensive measures of information with low power utilization.

- Network innovation: technology that appropriates large measures of data at high limit and rapid speed.

- Edge computing: innovation that empowers expanding speed and enhancement of real-time processing at the real system area, which is fundamental for expanding the usefulness of IoT.


Also, since numerical sciences is an inter-disciplinary exploratory innovation that underpins all these major innovations, we shall advance it together with fortifying cooperation in R&D of every technology, and when cultivating professional advancement.  

Crucial innovations that are Japan's qualities, forming the core of new value creation: By installing segments that utilize Japan's innovative qualities in every system component, stakeholders in Japan Inc. are set to establish Japan’s dominance and make it workable for the system to make new value that meets the differing needs of the economy and society, both in Japan and abroad. Consolidating the following fundamental technologies in particular, which function as core technologies in the real world will contribute to new value creation in individual systems.

- Robotics, Sensor technology, Actuator technology, Biotechnology, Human interface technology, Material/nanotechnology, Light/quantum technology and so on.

Joint effort amongst AI and mechanical technology is required to achieve the improvement of both AI acknowledgment and robot engine capacities, and the integration of differentiated advances. For the key principal advances, the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation is expected to define general procedures considering the point of view of all government ministries and agencies, and lead in advancing compelling and productive R&D.  In the meantime, the Council will adaptably advance Research and Development towards envisioning goal of super smart society 5.0


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Junko Nirmala is a Tokyo resident with 17 years of Professional experience in Technology and business consulting services. Her diverse background includes Advisory assignments completed for 70 plus Japanese companies on Globalization, Founder of startup company in Green Technology, conducting Training and seminars for Global Workforce in Japan and so on. Currently she is involved in Promoting Japan Robots Industry. She has authored 3 books and consistently writes for newspapers and magazines in Japan.
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