Coupled with the Government`s new Robot initiative and plenty of reasons such as short fall of labor and so on, it is becoming inevitably to adapt to new and advanced robotic process for sustaining the production strength in regional factories thus paving a new and huge potential domestic market opportunity for Robotic equipment's and services.

Japan Regional Service Robot Expo - Expediting Opportunities in the Domestic Market

Junko Nirmala for | RoboticsTomorrow


There are approximately 700 plus major exhibitions organized in Tokyo alone in any one given year. While regional industrial events are much less. We interview Mr. Nakagawa Osamu - the organizer of  Regional Service Robot Expo who sees immense opportunities in connecting and engaging regional business audiences.


Q. What is the reason and need to organize a Regional Robot expo in Japan?

Since 1960`s , During Japan Industrialization period and post oil crisis; Various Industries have been spread out among Non-metropolitan areas, regional and prefecture industrial zones and have been nation`s back bone for Japan`s Industrial Production Strength.

Coupled with Government`s new Robot initiative and plenty of reasons such as short fall of labor and so on, it is becoming inevitably to adapt to new and advanced robotic process for sustaining the production strength in regional factories thus paving a new and huge potential domestic market opportunity for Robotic equipment's and services.

On the other hand there are numerous exhibitions, events related to industries are being organized in Tokyo through out year; as it is been the center for major business development activities. While this is true Tokyo is being the center for all political, academical, research and sales related activities, not all the decision makers are being seated in Tokyo always, Major companies, factories, SME`s CEO`s are based in regional areas.

So far, the notion and the mode of conducting business was traveling by shinkan-sen [ Bullet Train] to Tokyo from regional areas. However there is an in-ward trend where all companies, products and services reach where the regional decision makers sit. Thus For buyers it is cost effective, while sellers include the cost with-in sales and promotion budget.


Q. What are the industries , sectors you organize the regional expo and hows the feedback for the same.

Currently we are organizing expo related to Robotic industry; we have segments or companies participating from robot development technology companies for service robots, industrial robots, drive technology motor hydraulic and pneumatic drive (arm mechanism, the hand mechanism, the moving mechanism, the transmission mechanism) actuator, reduction gears, bearings, bearing,  recognition technology sensor (speech recognition, image recognition, the surrounding environment recognition), camera, information processing and analysis technology, encoder, judgment and control 

 AI (artificial intelligence) technology microcomputer (language understanding, image recognition, learning function, communication and control functions) multi-axis, multi-joint control, safety control system, board, embedded software, communication technology wireless, network, IoT, beacon,system technology software, application, ROS, interface, integrator, coordinator, micro- and nano-technology,other element technology battery, power supply and power source, cable, connectors, harnesses, materials , development technology-related services and consulting, In nutshell all companies that are involved in developing robots or all kinds in the  process be it raw materials or services for finished robots.

Last year, we had organized the expo in OSAKA and had approximately 60 plus companies as exhibitors and visitors were more than expected.


Q. What are the visitors profile?

Yes, this regional expo had gathered prime interest among all Visitors and various companies who are fore-seeing that in some or other form that they need to aware of the upcoming need to utilize the robots in their existing business. So we have had visitors who are Robot developer and manufacturers of  health and long-term care and welfare assistance robots, working robots, communication robots, self-driving cars, drones, industrial robots medical and nursing care and welfare equipment manufacturers, Automotive and transportation equipment manufacturers, aerospace-related companies, electrical equipment manufacturers, design and development of various manufacturers such as toy manufacturers and manufacturing technology personnel, hospital, nursing care and welfare services related companies,construction and civil engineering-related companies government and public agencies, transportation companies and transportation universities and research institutes, agriculture, forestry and fisheries business, logistics warehouse commercial facility, building owners, robot utilization consider companies such as various types of service-related companies, such as hotels and so on.


Q. How are the other support mechanisms to organize such a big event from regional perspective.

First of all we have had engagement from regional governments and our conference programs and conferences involved many industry experts and famous professionals. Following speakers were specifically involved in the expo not limiting as speakers, Such as Humanoid robot and future society Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, Mr, Kazuhiko Kitagaki of Osaka Institute of Technology Robotics & Design Center, Mr. Atsushi Yasuda Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Manufacturing Industries Bureau robot Policy Office, who is also leading the project towards the realization of the robot revolution, Experts from Japan Science and Technology Agency JST industry-university cooperation development and so on.

The idea is to bring Industries, Universities and new ventures in a common platform so that awareness on New robotic products for each sector can be obtained.


Q. What are the future avenues for the regional expo?

The next upcoming expo will be held June 8th and 9th 2017 in Osaka again followed by another event currently being planned for other prefecture . We are working on the plans to hold the expo in all regions of japan and bring every sector as potential user of Robotic related equipment and services.


Q. What is the potential for foreign companies, exhibitors, visitors?

All opportunities that are available for domestic companies are equally available for foreign companies, especially in health care and service robots we have seen that foreign companies tops the japan market. While Visitors are always interested in seeing Japanese styled robots.


About Junko Nirmala
Junko Nirmala is a Tokyo resident with 17 years of Professional experience in Technology and business consulting services. Her diverse background includes Advisory assignments completed for 70 plus Japanese companies on Globalization, Founder of startup company in Green Technology, conducting Training and seminars for Global Workforce in Japan and so on. Currently she is involved in Promoting Japan Robots Industry. She has authored 3 books and consistently writes for newspapers and magazines in Japan.




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