SUNFLOWER is an autonomous robotic shade that tracks the sun, connecting you to the IoT, and the smart home ecosystem outdoors through AI integration.

Borrowing from Nature: Los Angeles-Based Robotics Company Brings IoT and Smart Home Outdoors

Armen Gharabegian | ShadeCraft

Tell me more about the company ShadeCraft?

ShadeCraft is a Los Angeles-based technology company dedicated to creating robotic objects that improve the way people live outdoors. Utilizing its patent-pending technology, ShadeCraft’s first product, the SUNFLOWER, is the world’s first autonomous robotic shade that tracks the sun, connecting consumers to the internet of things and the smart home ecosystem from outdoors. SUNFLOWER is the first in a series of robotic products being developed by ShadeCraft, all of which improve the way people live outdoors.


Describe the SUNFLOWER along with its functions and features.

SUNFLOWER is the world’s first autonomous robotic shade that tracks the sun, connecting you to the IoT, and the smart home ecosystem outdoors through AI integration.

SUNFLOWER Features Include:

· Solar power, moves to the sun autonomously and charges

· GPS Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to the cloud

· Microphone for AI integration

· Multiple sensors including humidity, wind, and air quality

· Security camera that can be viewed through ShadeCraft’s app  

· Speakers for entertainment of music or audiobook streaming

· USB/DC charger

· Controlled lighting


Where did the concept of the design stem from and how did it inspire to create the SUNFLOWER?

ShadeCraft began with a passion to develop products to make people’s lives more convenient outdoors. There are a myriad of connected products inside the home, but a large void exists in connectivity in the backyard, by the pool, and at the beach. The SUNFLOWER is the first product that brings this idea to life and is a great introduction of the concept of robotic objects coexisting in their environments as parasols are easily identifiable and already used by consumers.


When will the Sunflower be available and approximately how much will it cost?

SUNFLOWER will be available for presale later this summer directly from ShadeCraft’s website. Pricing is not available at this time.


What other projects, if any, are you working on?

A robotics company at its core, ShadeCraft is currently developing other products that improve human life outdoors, and continuously filing new patents for these products. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming products.


Now tell me more about yourself - what is your background?

CEO and Founder, Armen Gharabegian has always been fascinated by mechanical and electronic things. At age eight, hisfather purchased a box of fischertechnik for him which was a great source of inspiration and ignited his passion for building and creating. He went on to study industrial design at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, where he received two degrees and then taught for several years.

ShadeCraft is Armen’s third company and allows him to unite two of his passions – technology and intelligent industrial design.


Armen Gharabegian, CEO and Founder, ShadeCraft

Armen Sevada Gharabegian is the CEO and founder of the Los Angeles-based robotics company, ShadeCraft, founded in 2013. ShadeCraft’s mission is to combine solar energy, robotic automation and artificial intelligence  integration to change the way people live outdoors.

A CEO for over 18 years, Gharabegian founded his first company, Ethos Design, in 1998. He has been involved in hundreds of projects worldwide, creating marketing solutions through exhibits and events for clients including Mercedes, Chrysler, Patek-Phillipe, Ubisoft and many others. Ethos Design also completed many industrial designs and environmental projects.

In 2003, Gharabegian created Lounge22, a company focused on high end furnishing solutions for both exhibits and events. Lounge22 became a retail brand in 2009, providing both B-to-B and B-to-C opportunities.

Gharabegian also created a series of signature furniture pieces as well as a multitude of environments that have been acknowledged for their design and execution. He has spoken at many industry events on subjects from green design to creative thinking.

Gharabegian received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in industrial design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He was also a faculty member there for several years, teaching courses in exhibits and industrial design.

Gharabegian is also a sci-fi author of the book “Protocol 7,” which was originally published in 2007. 


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