Because there is more to automation than selecting a robot, working with a robot or system integrator can be extremely valuable to ensure the full robotic system is properly designed to achieve the desired results.

3 Benefits of Working With a Robotic Integrator
3 Benefits of Working With a Robotic Integrator

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A robot or system integrator is a company that will understand the end customer’s needs, propose a design solution, and get the system up and running. Because there is more to automation than selecting a robot, working with a robot or system integrator can be extremely valuable to ensure the full robotic system is properly designed to achieve the desired results. Here are three reasons why working with an integrator is beneficial.

  1. Process knowledge and expertise

    The ideal integrator has process expertise and will often specialize in certain applications. It is essential to select an integrator that has the skills that match the application. They will make recommendations on robot brand and model, tooling, sensors, safety systems, etc… Without the proper expertise, customers risk making investments in a cell that may not yield the desired results. Furthermore, integrators have a full understanding of the safety requirements needed, without this knowledge workers could be endangered and opens the company to liability.

    It is possible to perform the duties of a robotic system integrator in-house, however, if there is not a proper integration team set up it is often more cost-effective to use a third-party team whose expertise is in robotic integration. They will get the system up and running faster and will be able to propose the most cost-effective, most productive, and least wasteful designs.

  2. Prefab and custom cell design

    Integrators will generally have pre-designed robotic cells that will work for some customers set up. One of the perks of working with an integrator is that they can customize these pre-designed cells to better fit the customer’s needs or design a complete system from scratch. They have the connections in the industry with the different robot, end-of-arm tooling, tool changers, and other equipment manufacturers. By working with a robotic integrator, manufacturers can rest assured that the proposed solution is ideal solution for the set requirements.

  3. Full integration support

    Another reason why companies will elect to work with a robotic or system integrator is the level of support they are able to provide. Robot arm manufacturers will provide support for the robot, but not the entire system, which makes it hard to troubleshoot issues that may not pertain to the robot itself. An integrator provides full system support. From the initial system setup and implementation, to online and onsite support, to even providing training on how to use the system and perform troubleshooting in-house. Consistently working with the same team will not only lower the cost of support, as they are familiar with the system and likely to resolve the problem sooner, but it will also result in getting the customer back up and running sooner. Every minute the system is down results in lost revenue. Another perk of working with a system integrator and having familiarity with your system is the ability to expand or update the systems capabilities. An integrator will be able to help the customer over their lifetime as goals change and enhancements are needed.


Having the right team of experts as you make the transition to automation can simplify the process and ensure you get the right ROI. To better serve our customers through their automation journey, we have developed a best-in-class network of partners around the world that are known for being experts in the field and deliver top-quality service.


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