Mobile robot OEMs and end users must find reliable ways to keep vehicles active. Inductive wireless charging is emerging as the new power supply standard for mobile robots and industrial e-vehicles.

Enabling AMR Customer Success Through Inductive Charging Technology

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Mobile robot OEMs and end users must find reliable ways to keep vehicles active. Inductive wireless charging is emerging as the new power supply standard for mobile robots and industrial e-vehicles. Wireless charging can unburden the supply chain through uninterrupted operations and increased productivity and fleet efficiency. A manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in Canada, Noovelia automates intralogistics processes such as pallet transport or forklift applications, integrated with a wireless, contactless charging systems into its robots to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

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Noovelia uses Wiferion’s inductive charging technology so that it can guarantee its customers maximum AMR availability.


Improving production flow and vehicle availability

Maximum production optimization with minimal investment costs – this is what Noovelia stands for. As one of Canada’s leading AMR producers, Noovelia develops automated floor conveyors which allow users to dramatically improve production flow – without excessive investments. The robots are available either as a platform or in a forklift variant. The intelligent driverless transport vehicles adapt perfectly to their production environment and move autonomously.  Against the background of skilled worker shortages, Noovelia offers an easy-to-implement way to automate intralogistics transport tasks and helps companies increase their productivity by minimizing risk of errors and product damage by carrying out repetitive activities with the same level of precision each time. 

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The autonomous forklifts always have enough energy thanks to wireless in-process charging.


Power supply crucial for customer success

Mobile robot OEMs and end users must find reliable ways to keep vehicles active, and inductive wireless charging is emerging as the standard for mobile robots and industrial e-vehicles. Noovelia charges its platform and forklift models using Wiferion’s inductive charging system. Wiferion maximizes the performance of industrial electric vehicles such as autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), forklifts and other autonomous industrial trucks, and collaborative robots.

“Vehicle availability is crucial for our customers,” says Martin Branchaud, head of purchasing at Noovelia. 

Ideally, the robots are intended to carry out their tasks on a 24/7 basis. To achieve this, the power supply to charge batteries is a crucial factor. Traditional charging systems with plug-in or sliding contacts are not a viable option due the uptime requirements for the robots. 

“We cannot accept that the vehicles remain stationary during charging. It was therefore clear to us from the start that we would choose Wiferion as the market leader in the field of inductive point charging systems,” said Branchaud. 

A central advantage for AMR producers is the flexibility of the etaLINK fast charging system. The charging points can be positioned at almost any frequently used point in the warehouse. Once a robot has moved to a charging point, the power transfer starts automatically and is charging at full power of 3 kW after just one second. 

“We charge during our normal the processes, eliminating charging breaks and unproductive travel times to stationary charging stations. This improves the productivity of our AMRs by up to 32%,” added Branchaud. A further criterion for Noovelia is the robustness of the system. “Our robots have outstanding reliability. High-maintenance technologies are therefore an absolute no-go for us,” explained the purchasing director. “etaLINK is an encapsulated system. It has no mechanical components and is thus 100% maintenance-free.”  

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The etaLINK system is 100% maintenance-free.


Ensuring maximum productivity for AMR customers

With Wiferion’s charging systems, Noovelia is able to offer its customers AMRs that ensure maximum productivity. Because of the high level of reliability and robust processes, failure of the power supply to the AMRs is nearly impossible.

Wiferion’s custom-developed wireless power supply solutions for the mobile robotics industry include:

  • etaLINK 3000, a continuous 3kW contactless inductive power supply

  • etaLINK 12000, a 12kW scalable energy wireless battery charging system with an efficiency of 93%

  • etaSTORE proving lithium iron phosphate battery options for AGV, AMR & mobile robots

  • etaTRAY, a plug-and-play battery retrofit for forklifts and other industrial trucks together with local partners

  • etaHUB, a charge optimization platform for remote diagnostics to optimize batter life and vehicle performance

From production logistics, through fulfillment and warehousing, to agriculture and shipping, Wiferion has already sold charging systems in more than 20 countries. The system has been designed into more than 100 different industrial EVs, autonomous guided vehicles and mobile robots, with thousands of units sold globally, including installation in several renowned European and U.S. automotive manufacturing facilities. Wiferion’s inductive charging systems supply energy to entire industrial vehicles fleets automatically, regardless of voltage, current or battery type. 

Wiferion has recently entered the North American market in response to demand for power solutions to increase uptime, lower maintenance and improve autonomous vehicle fleet efficiencies. With its new North American office, Wiferion is ideally located to serve new and existing customers, allowing the company to shorten delivery times, enhance its onsite services and support, and provide consulting services for North American companies in need of advanced charging solutions. 





About Wiferion
Wiferion is the leading supplier of solutions for the mobile wireless power supply for industrial trucks, autonomous guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots. As inductive wireless charging continues to become the standard for mobile robots and industrial e-vehicles, Germany-based Wiferion established a North American subsidiary in Chicago, officially launched in March 2023 by a ribbon-cutting event during ProMat. The subsidiary allows for shorter delivery times, enhanced onsite services and support, and consulting services for North American companies in need of advanced charging solutions.

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