At the booth, visitors can see the TH650A robot perform a live screw feeding demonstration, developed by ASG. This is just one of many solutions TM Robotics is involved with.

Talking AUTOMATE 2023 with TM Robotics

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TM Robotics is the official North, South and Central American distributor for Shibaura Machine, the Japanese industrial robot manufacturer that was known, until 2020, as Toshiba Machine. Shibaura Machine is one of the few robotics manufacturers to offer a full spectrum of SCARA, 6-axis and Cartesian robots, making it simpler to find the perfect robot for the desired application.

Because its robots are well-regarded for their reliability, accuracy and ease-of-programming, Shibaura Machine is the supplier of choice for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users alike, who are looking for cost-effective, high-quality robots.

As the official international sales and support partner for Shibaura Machine, TM Robotics has over 20 years’ experience in the robotics sector. The team has lent its expertise to all kinds of applications — from cheese packaging to the production of cricket balls — and excels at working collaboratively with customers to achieve the best results.

Your company will be exhibiting at Automate, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

Automate is among the most important exhibitions for TM Robotics / Shibaura Machine globally, and certainly the most important trade show for North America. This year’s event also provides an opportunity for us to collaborate with several partners, including one of our North American distributors, ASG, which will be co-exhibiting with us at Shibaura Machine’s booth #3239.

At the booth, visitors can see the TH650A robot perform a live screw feeding demonstration, developed by ASG. This is just one of many solutions TM Robotics is involved with, and includes a powerful robot from the Shibaura Machine range: the TH650A. This robot is part of the wider Shibaura Machine SCARA robot catalogue, alongside its most recent range, the THE SCARA. 

Another partner, SICK, the vision systems expert, will be using two of our robots at booth #1332. SICK will demonstrate the TVL700 six-axis robot, a flagship model from Shibaura Machine that operates with one of the company’s own vision systems, and the newest THE600 SCARA robot. The partnership follows a webinar between both organizations, which you can watch for free on the TM Robotics YouTube channel.


What makes your booth a must visit for Automate attendees?

Key demonstrations at Shibaura Machine’s booth will include the Supata Flexifeeder, an automated feeding system developed and manufactured by EPF Elettrotecnica to overcome the limitations of more traditional vibratory feeders. The solution consists of a feeding system, a vision system, a human-machine interface (HMI) control system and an integrated robot from Shibaura Machine.

In addition, TM Robotics will also exhibit standalone robots — with a key range being the BA-III series of Cartesian models. Cartesian robots are a great entry-level option and Shibaura Machine has a proven track record in this robot area. TM Robotics can provide one, two, three or four axis solutions from the brand. All are driven by AC servo-motor technology, and designed for handling, pick and place and assembly applications. The actuators start with lengths of 50 mm and go up to 4500mm, and an individual actuator can carry up to 250 kg. Practical demonstrations include mounted 200 kg concrete blocks to demonstrate the payload of the 500 mm actuator, and a vertically mounted model of 1700 mm in length. 

Another important exhibit is TM Robotics’ latest SCARA range, the THE series. This range of popular robots has now been expanded to include larger models, such as the THE800 and THE1000. This range is available with the new TS5000 Controller, TP5000 Teach Pendant and TS-Assist software.

As always, the TM Robotics team will be on-hand during Automate to hold consultations with potential customers and integrators at the show. We encourage visitors to contact us in advance to arrange an appointment, or head to stand #3239 during the event.

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TM Robotics (Americas) Inc

TM Robotics (Americas) Inc

TM Robotics, in partnership with Shibaura Machine, formerly known as Toshiba Machine until 1st April 2020, offers a comprehensive range of industrial robots ideally suited for high-precision assembly, machine loading/unloading and material-handling applications that can be dust proof, clean room, or IP65/67. The company's extensive product line starts with a Cartesian solution available in thousands of combinations from single actuators to four-axis solutions; six-axis solutions that can include precise vision-control; and a complete range of SCARAs from low cost to the industry-leading SCARA with 1200-mm reach that can carry up to 20 kgs. TM Robotics sells and services robots throughout Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia, and Africa, as well as North, Central, and South America, from headquarters in Hertfordshire, England and Elk Grove Village, IL, USA. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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