Simbe Robotics Launches Partnership with Decathlon, World's Largest Sporting Goods Retailer

U.S. Flagship Store in San Francisco leverages RFID tagging and Tally inventory robot to create unparalleled in-store customer experience

Today, Simbe Robotics and Decathlon USA formally announce a partnership to bring Simbes Tally, the worlds first fully-autonomous inventory robot, to Decathlon. The partnership kicks off with the deployment of Tally in the sporting goods retailers inaugural U.S. store located in San Francisco, CA.

Decathlon opened its first store in Lille, France in 1976 and has since expanded to become the worlds largest sporting goods retailer, operating over 1,414 stores in 45 countries across the globe and designing its own brands. The retailer opened its first U.S. store in April 2018 in San Francisco. The unique space, dubbed a Lab Store, is designed to foster dialogue between the companys team of designers and athletes, where the in-store team gathers feedback from customers, which drives innovation in product development and helps evolve in-store experiences.

In order to further enhance the customer experience, the Decathlon USA team has taken a forward-thinking approach to building IT infrastructure and exploring innovative solutions. One such foundational tool that the team has implemented is Simbe Robotics Tally. Earlier this year, Simbe announced the integration of RFID technology, and Decathlon is one of the first retailers in the world to partner with Simbe to leverage Tallys RFID capabilities. Tally will use RFID and computer vision technology to capture, report, and analyze the quantity and location of store inventory. Traditionally a task required of the store team members, now Decathlons in-store team can focus on delivering a great experience and engaging with every shopper and athlete who comes into the store.

"When launching our first store in San Francisco, a city at the forefront of innovation, we invested in ground-breaking technology that could help us rethink the brick-and-mortar retail experience," said Tony Leon, Chief Technology Officer at Decathlon. "RFID tagging was pivotal in helping us better manage our inventory. As we look to the next chapter of retail innovation, Tally enables our team to focus on cultivating unique experiences and sharing advice tailored to each customers athletic passions."

Tally is the countrys leading solution to help solve the "ghost economy" that costs global retailers nearly $1.75 trillion annually as a result of high demand in-store environments and on-shelf blind spots. Since launching in 2015, Tally has been deployed by 11 leading international retailers, and is now equipped with industry-leading RFID scanning technology. Simbes technology has the power to provide the following services for Decathlon, which will allow the store team to focus on customer service and in-store experience:

Precise storewide inventory audits and regular cycle counts
Alerts for out of stock items or low inventory
Location and identification of misplaced products at sub-meter accuracy
Visual audits of merchandise and inventory layout optimization
"Decathlons uniquely designed San Francisco flagship store is an environment that fosters significant interaction between customers, product, and store associates; with that comes unique merchandising challenges," said Brad Bogolea, Chief Executive Officer at Simbe Robotics. "Decathlon has deployed Tally in a uniquely customer-centric environment, leveraging Tallys RFID capabilities to capture real-time insight into product flow, pricing, and availability by providing precise inventory audits and cycle counts, in addition to sharing the location of each product in store."

About Simbe Robotics

Simbe Robotics is the global leader in automation solutions that give retailers unprecedented visibility and insight into the state of their store environments, while improving inventory and operational challenges. Simbe is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco, CA and works with major worldwide retailers and brands across the US, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit, follow the company at @simberobotics or contact for deployment inquires.

About Tally™

Tally is the worlds first fully autonomous in-store product auditing solution. Tally works in concert with retail store associates by empowering them with timely information to ensure products are always stocked, in the right place and correctly priced. Using a suite of sensors, the robot operates safely during normal store hours alongside shoppers and employees and doesnt require any infrastructure changes to the store. Tallys design is intuitive, friendly, and fits naturally into the retail environment. The robot scans entire stores up to three times per day and autonomously returns to its dock allowing for continuous operation. Combined with Simbes cloud-powered software platform, powered by computer vision and machine learning, retailers have unprecedented information and insight into the state of their stores. This information can be used to streamline store performance, maximize customer satisfaction, increase sales, and optimize operational expenditures.

About Decathlon USA

Decathlon, a leading company in the sports market, has two activities: the in-house design of innovative sports products and the distribution of products online and in stores. Based on an integrated model, Decathlon controls all the stages of its products life: from research and development to sales through design, production, and logistics. Present in France and abroad with 1,414 locations, the services, brands and store teams have been working since 1976 with a constant ambition: to innovate in all areas to remain the main playing partner of all sports lovers. For more information, please visit

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