Units are prepared and ready for sale, featuring a triple safety system and award-winning drive technology that overcomes current challenges.

THIRA ROBOTICS - an S. Korean autonomous mobile robots developer and a subsidiary of THiRA UTech announced their upcoming AUTOMATE exhibition with the goal of providing optimized AMR units for employees in complex facilities. THIRA ROBOTICS (TR) officially launched in the U.S. in March to overcome typical weaknesses of the previous generation of AMRs leveraged in healthcare and supply chain use cases, and has won all bids against top competitors. Live demonstrations will be held at AUTOMATE in Detroit from May 22 - 25.

"First-generation AMR was optimized for facilities with low human traffic and smooth flooring conditions. Our second-generation robotics are real-life-ready logistics, navigating settings with highly complex human traffic, sloped floors, liquid spills, elevators, narrow hallways, and more," explains Peter Kim, CEO of TR.

Each unit in TR's product line has an AWG system that enables smooth wheel navigation over challenging floors. A triple safety system is also built into each, providing advanced visual recognition and stopping accuracy to reduce the potential for injury. Data from internal company records are never collected, protecting patrons' and employees' personal information.

"In S. Korea, we aided the National Cancer Center in overcoming labor shortages by augmenting 24/7 hospital staff services. Use cases included food delivery, medication administration, surgical materials transport, infectious waste removal, and sanitization," said Kim. "With Samsung C&T, our units helped construct a new semiconductor plant. Leveraging AMR, Samsung C&T reduced workplace injuries caused by forklift accidents and manual transportation of heavy loads". TR seeks to bring similar results to U.S. manufacturers, hospitals, warehouses, and construction projects.

Businesses seeking to learn more should visit booth #2450 at AUTOMATE for live demonstrations.


Headquartered in South Korea and led by AMR specialists, THIRA ROBOTICS is an award-winning robotics developer subsidized by THiRA UTech. THIRA ROBOTICS partners with global conglomerates, automotive parts companies, and the largest global Tier 1 Korean Original Equipment Manufacturer, Mando.

About THiRA UTech

THiRA UTech is a global leader in Smart facility hardware and software. The company is ranked #1 in Korea for its end-to-end, total solution. Global clients include Samsung Corporation and LG Electronics.

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