Microscan Discusses Growth in Asia-Pacific at Beijing Press Conference

Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision, and lighting, recently held a press conference in Beijing, where the company shared its market-focused approach to growing its business in the region with 18 key members of the Chinese media.

BEIJING, CHINA, August 2012 - Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision, and lighting, recently held a press conference in Beijing, where the company shared its market-focused approach to growing its business in the region with 18 key members of the Chinese media. The event also served as an opportunity to celebrate Microscan's 30th anniversary. Scott Summerville, Microscan President, Ko Cheng Han, Asia-Pacific Sales Director, and Richard Cheng, General Manager for China, represented Microscan at the conference. This executive team shared milestones from the company's 30 year history in the development of automatic identification and machine vision technologies, as well as its plans for growth in Asia.

"Microscan's core values include 'restless innovation and a strong customer focus", stated Scott Summerville. "We are committed to introducing innovative data acquisition solutions to manufacturers around the globe and developing products to meet the specific needs of three target markets: electronics, packaging, and the life sciences. Manufacturers in these industries require reliable data to inspect, track, and trace their products to improve supply chain visibility, lower costs, and ensure quality. Our products are backed by Microscan's long history of technology leadership, strong partnerships, and user-oriented solutions."

In regard to strategic plans for China, Summerville commented, "As the fastest growing economy in the world, the Chinese market is one that no global company can afford to overlook. China is a very significant region for Microscan, and we attribute the achievements that we have made there in the past few years to the sharp focus we have placed on it. We remain confident in China's growth potential."

Ko Cheng Han, director of Microscan's market and sales operations throughout Asia Pacific, spoke confidently of Microscan's sustainable business growth in this region. "Recently, the Chinese government and industrial marketplace have become increasingly aware of the importance of product quality and safety. They have set up multi-level frameworks to enforce requirements to support these initiatives. For example, the drug electronic monitoring code has established a transparent, traceable mechanism to track all commercially available dugs from raw materials to consumers. I believe that China will continue to build upon such policies, ensuring China's ascent in the global value chain. Microscan has already been active in China supporting these initiatives through our track, trace, and control solutions that are widely applied throughout this region. We will continue to increase our investment in China, controlling product quality, ensuring product safety, and providing advanced solutions
for Chinese manufacturers. In terms of the entire Asia Pacific region, Microscan will never lessen its involvement. Strengthened exchange and trade in this region have contributed to an economic growth that has attracted global attention, and Microscan's development strategy is bound to follow the footprint of this growth. Establishing sustainable partnerships with local enterprises will remain a long term plan; we will continue to meet consumers' needs and develop our expertise targeted to local clients."

About Microscan

Microscan is a global leader in technology for precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. Founded in 1982, Microscan has a strong history of technology innovation that includes the invention of the first laser diode barcode scanner and the 2D symbology, Data Matrix. Today, Microscan remains a technology leader in automatic identification and machine vision with extensive solutions for ID tracking, traceability and inspection ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, identification, and measurement.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company recognized for quality leadership in the U.S., Microscan is known and trusted by customers worldwide as a provider of quality, high precision products. Microscan is a Spectris company.

Microscan Contact
Microscan/Spectris Group China Ltd., Beijing Representative Office
Hui Fan, Marketing Manager APAC
+86 10-5993-5712, hfan@microscan.com


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