Congressional Robotics Caucus Will Focus on Robots and Job Creation Featuring Seegrid COO Mitchell Weiss

The theme of the Congressional Robotics Caucus is: Robots go where it's dirty, dull, or dangerous.

Pittsburgh, PA -- 07/15/2013 -- The Congressional Robotics Caucus Advisory Committee will meet on July 25, 2013 from 2:00-3:30pm at the Capitol Visitors Center Room HVC-200. The purpose of this committee meeting is to look at the intersection of jobs and robots. Mitchell Weiss will serve as one of the key panelists at this event.

Mitchell Weiss is Chief Operating Officer of Seegrid Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of vision-guided robotic industrial trucks. Seegrid's products provide automated material handling functions in manufacturing and distribution. Prior to Seegrid, Weiss was CTO for Brooks-PRI Automation, a supplier of advanced factory automation systems to the semiconductor industry. Weiss has more than thirty years' experience in the design and theory of robotics and semiconductor automation, leading to the design of robots, teleoperator systems and material handling and logistics systems. He is co-author of the textbook "Industrial Robotics: Technology, Programming and Applications", has taught automation and robotics courses at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, and M.I.T, and holds twenty patents on robotics and automation systems. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at M.I.T, and a Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property from Northeastern University.

The Advisory Committee of the Congressional Robotics Caucus was formed to increase general awareness of challenges and issues among members of Congress and policy analysts; as well as educate members of Congress and congressional staff on current and future research and development, and utilization initiatives. The Caucus serves as a forum where robotics-related policy issues can be exchanged, debated and discussed by members of Congress and ensure that our nation remains globally competitive as the robotics industry expands and further affects the way we live our lives.

The theme of the Congressional Robotics Caucus is: Robots go where it's dirty, dull, or dangerous. They reduce exposure to toxins and perform jobs nobody should, as in pipeline inspections. Robots increase accuracy and reliability on assembly lines and improve speed, producing cheaper mass-produced goods. They reduce risk to the military and first responders, and go where humans can't.

About Seegrid
Founded in 2003, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Seegrid Corporation ( brings robotic vision-guided technology to the material handling industry. With more than thirty years of innovation and research by leading robotic scientists, engineers, programmers and logistics practitioners worldwide, Seegrid's exclusive Robotic Industrial Trucks are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments. Seegrid's technology transforms industrial vehicles into unmanned, automated pallet trucks and tow tractors that operate without the need for wire, tape, laser, magnet or other costly automated guided vehicle (AGV) guidance systems. Seegrid offers solutions that optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, creating economic and operational advantages. Fast Company magazine named Seegrid as one of the Top 50 World's Most Innovative Company in 2013 and among the Top 10 World's Most Innovative Robotics Company in 2013. Follow Seegrid Corporation on Twitter at @Seegrid.

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