New cable gland Euro-Top Hygienic ensures a clean connection

More and more machinery manufacturers have to ensure a "hygienic design". RST has reacted to this and brought a cable gland for these special challenges onto the market

Wallenhorst, 8 November 2013 / Many industries in which special importance is placed on hygiene know the problem: if contamination shows up in the product, from whatever source, expensive recall-action is inevitable. Legislators want to impose strict conditions to limit the risks inherent in such situations. It is not just the employees who are required to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. Mandatory standards and norms must be taken into account from the start with the assembly of machines and their peripheral components ("hygienic design"). This is why RST has brought the stainless steel cable gland "Euro Top Hygiene" (1.4305/303) onto the market which is designed to meet the special demands in the field of hygiene. In this respect, the surface of a cable gland must be constructed in such a way that, for example, no dust can settle or production residues collect, and no harmful micro-organisms can be created. Therefore in the new Euro-Top Hygienic cable gland, all active components have been placed inside so that the surface is completely smooth. Additionally, this cable gland has sealing rings made of TPE material (in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600), which is especially approved for the food industry. The well thought-out construction means that the cable gland also meets protection standards IP68 and IP69K.

This also brings another advantage of the Euro-Top Hygienic: rapid and therefore cost-saving cleaning. The construction is resistant to chemical cleaning products and allows cleaning with high-pressure cleaners thus preventing the formation of any kind of contamination. At the same time the high level of tightness of the screw thread prevents the intrusion of any foreign matter.

The new cable gland is especially interesting for such lines of business as the food and drink, the pharmaceutical and the chemical industries, cleanroom operations and biotechnology all benefit from this innovation. RST produces Euro-Top Hygienic as a standard version suitable for the assembly of unshielded cables. For shielded cables options with EMC contact system (for function details see also Euro-Top EMC) are available.

Further information can be found in the catalogue data sheet and at On the website you can see a video showing the functioning and the recommended assembly procedure for these cable glands.

Founded as a family-run enterprise, RST has been guaranteeing innovative products for the world market for the last 25 years. Since then the firm has expanded into 50 countries and successfully supports over 1800 customers. The product range extends from cable glands and pressure equalisation elements to enclosure and protective hose systems and provides for industries such as automation and mechanical engineering as well as plant construction, petrochemicals and renewable energy.

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