MVTec Introduces MERLIC A New Generation of Vision Software

MERLIC is an all-in-one, PC-based solution.

Munich, Germany - MVTec Software GmbH is pleased to introduce MERLIC, a new,

all-in-one machine vision software product that enables users to quickly
build complete solutions without programming. MERLIC offers a radically new
user experience with novel interaction concepts, an image-centered user
interface, and many easy-to-use tools.

To keep up with the growing world-wide demand for machine vision technology,
machine makers reduce development time by increasing productivity and
efficiency of their engineering teams. To enable vision engineers with
minimal software programming knowledge, as well as those who dont have time
to program a complete application, MVTec introduces the new software product
MERLIC. Based on MVTecs comprehensive expertise and designed in partnership
with users, MERLIC offers a rich and intuitive machine vision software

MERLIC is an all-in-one, PC-based solution. It provides the customer with a
development and configuration environment to build complete machine vision
applications with integrated PLC communication and graphical user interface.
MERLIC includes many standard vision tools such as calibration, alignment,
measurement, counting, checking, identification, geometry, location, and
defect detection. It can also be extended with customized, user-defined

A key objective in developing MERLIC was to provide a user-friendly and
efficient workflow experience. MERLICs image-centered interface design
allows developers to focus on the image rather than on complex code or
parameter lists. Further enhancing the experience, MERLICs unique
easyTouch concept interactively helps the user towards the final solution.
For example, easyTouch recognizes and marks to be identified objects by
simply hovering the mouse pointer over an image. Thus, the users do not have
to configure complex parameters. For example, by simply hovering the mouse
pointer over an image, easyTouch automatically recognizes and marks
objects for inspection. Other intuitive features like the built-in front-end
GUI designer, support for multiple cameras, support for multiple languages,
and an automatic documentation generator for creating user manuals
significantly speed up the development process.

It is always our ambition to serve the machine vision market with
technology-leading products and solutions. states Olaf Munkelt, Managing
Director of MVTec. With MERLIC we can now provide the power of machine
vision to a broader group of users with an innovative, easy-to-use

MERLIC is scheduled for release in 2015. The current prototype of MERLIC
will be presented for the first time in public at the AUTOMATICA in Munich,
Germany (June 3-6, 2014).

About MVTec
MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision.
MVTec products are used in all demanding areas of imaging: Semiconductor
industry, web inspection, quality control and inspection applications in
general, medicine, and surveillance. MVTec has more than 30 established
distributors, located throughout North- and South-America, Asia, Australia,
and Europe. Its subsidiary, MVTec, LLC, was established in Boston, MA, USA
in 2007 to support the North-American market. For more information refer to

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