Precise Automation Announces the Acceptance of the PF400 as the First Collaborative SCARA Robot

Collaborative robots are mechanisms that can be safely operated next to people without the need for safety barriers.

San Jose, California - May 6, 2013 - Precise Automation announces that, multiple OEM's have

recognized the PF400 as the world's first collaborative SCARA robot. Collaborative robots are
mechanisms that can be safely operated next to people without the need for safety barriers. The
PF400 is intrinsically safe since all of the forces generated by its axes are limited so that the robot
cannot hurt a user even if it collides with them at full speed. Currently, hundreds of PF400's are
in daily use in bench-top laboratory applications without safety barriers.

This low-cost, quiet OEM mechanism has its motion controller, harnesses and power supplies
embedded within its structure to eliminate extra enclosures and simplify installation. This space
saving design, together with a novel geometry, allows the PF400 to service many stations in an
extremely small work cell. Combined with absolute encoder motors, which do not require any
motion to home during start-up, and the collaborative aspects of the robot, which eliminate the
need for shielding, the PF400 significantly reduces workspace requirements, greatly reducing the
size and cost of an automated cell. The lightweight PF400 can be carried by one person,
mounted on a table and, by plugging in just an AC power cord and an Ethernet cable, is ready to

All Precise Automation mechanisms feature the powerful embedded Precise Guidance Motion
Controller. This controller offers gravity balanced free mode teaching aids and excellent
capabilities for automatically generating elegant and reliable motion sequences. Its features
permit the mechanism's gripper to move along smooth, straight line paths or arbitrarily complex
motion sequences by simply moving the robot by hand to start and end positions and letting the
controller handle the rest. Combined with a simple, yet powerful programming language,
Ethernet interface (featuring PC control via an open source TCP/IP Command Server),
kinematics for Cartesian motions, an embedded web server that permits the robot to be operated
locally via a standard browser executed on a PC, a wireless tablet or remotely from anywhere in
the world, the PF400 simplifies programming and reduces cycle times with the most efficient
motions possible. When machine vision is needed, Precise Vision can easily be added to the
robot as an option.

Brian Powell, Vice President of Sales and Operations, states, "Due to its revolutionary
combination of safety, capabilities and performance, the PF400 is currently being employed in
environments where automation could never go before: working side-by-side with human
counterparts on an assembly line, on desktops of analytical labs and soon in clinical diagnostic

Precise Automation delivers cutting edge automation technology and leverages years of
experience in software, controls, electronic and mechanical design that assists end users and
OEM customers to automate with ease. Precise's versatile table-top robots and sample handlers
come fully assembled and are extremely easy to set up. Our low-cost vision-guided motion
controllers integrate motor drives in a very compact design that fit inside many mechanisms'
structures. The controller's powerful features allow OEM's to create the applications they want
and to produce user-friendly systems. Adding vision guidance simplifies complex problems in
locating and identifying parts and significantly improves process reliability by easily
accommodating to dimensional variances. Precise Automation's flexible and innovative products
serve a wide variety of industries including: electronics, semiconductor, life science, medical
products and mass storage.

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