From 3D Printed Furniture to Smart Clothes and Biometric Heart Monitors, Designers of Things 2014 Releases Robust Schedule for Inaugural Event

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Designers of Things, a new conference produced by UBM Tech dedicated to accelerating the design, development and business of Wearable Tech, 3D Printing and the Internet of Things, announced the official schedule and lineup for the inaugural event this fall. From 3D printing wood and furniture to introducing smart clothing with embedded health sensors to improve preventative medicine, Designers of Things will welcome the industry's brightest design and development professionals for two days of intensive learning. The event will take place September 23-24, 2014 at San Francisco's Mission Bay Conference Center. For more information and to take advantage of Early Bird registration prices by June 27, visit

A few highlights from the Designers of Things schedule include:
3D Printing
• How can we embed information in the physical objects of tomorrow? Expert Karl D.D. Willis of Autodesk will discuss the latest developments around InfraStructs, material-based passive tags that embed machine-readable information in the interior of physical objects.
• The Intelligent Industrial Renaissance is possible with 3D printing, according to Samir Shah of 4 AXYZ. With the Internet of Things, we can add the dimension of intelligence to the style and quality of merchandise via digital fabrication - and 3D printed wood is one of those special materials that will bring us there.
• Desktop 3D printing is hot on the hype cycle but will it last? As Joseph Scott of Scott & Associates will explain, it's more important than ever that designers understand sustainable business practices to stay away from the "Trough of Disillusionment" and keep stock prices up - regardless of how hot an item is right now.
Wearable Technology
• Fashionable wearable tech is the latest trend to emerge in the industry as wearables move out of the early adopter phase and become more widely available. Nick Warnock of Wellograph, Inc. will give an insider's look on where fashionable tech is headed in 2014 and the years to come.
• Smart clothing - the next frontier in improving preventative medicine? Jean-Francois Roy and Pierre Alexandre Fournier of Hexoskin will dive into the latest research around embedding health sensors into clothing to track the health of individuals, and in turn impact preventative medicine.
• Security and ethics must be top-of-mind for designers as we look at the future of wearable tech and new internet-connected devices. Jen Costillo of Rebelbot will examine how to limit security and ethical gaps as the industry rushes under pressure to deliver the latest and greatest products.
"It is incredible to see the growth and significant leaps in innovation over the last few years in 3D printing, IoT and wearables," said Katie Stern, Event Director, Designers of Things. "We want Designers of Things to be a hub of collaboration for the industry amid demonstrations of some of the latest technologies in the world for inspiration. The event schedule comprehensively explores the latest strategies and techniques around the design, development and business of the field and we couldn't be more excited."
Early Bird registration for Designers of Things ends June 27. This two-day conference will bring together leading designers, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators and project funders to collaborate and share ideas on building new devices, discover new opportunities and explore the road ahead for these technologies. To register, visit:

About Designers of Things
Designers of Things is a new conference produced by UBM Tech that is dedicated to the revolutionary potential of Wearable Tech, 3D Printing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the business strategies and inventive people behind these technologies, and how they can successfully accelerate innovation to take their inspirations to the next level. Through in-depth educational programs, ground breaking technology demonstrations and unmatched networking opportunities, Designers of Things offers one of the most comprehensive and impactful meeting places for the technology design and development communities in the world. The Designers of Things flagship event will take place September 23-24, 2014 in San Francisco. For more information about this event, please visit:

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