AIAE-2015 the 11th Asia International Industrial Automation Exhibition

AIAE-2015 the 11th Asia International Industrial Automation Exhibition will be held in 4th -6th, July,2015 in Beijing • China international exhibition Center (CIEC).

AIAE Introduction:

As the first China North Industrial Automation Show, the 11th Asian International Industrial Automation Exhibition,2015 ( AIAE Beijing) , which is hosted by China Machinery Enterprise Management Association(CMMA), China National Machinery Consultants International(CMCI), Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held in 4th -6th, July,2015 in Beijing • China international exhibition Center (CIEC). AIAE is know as the most effective automation industry procurement platform, and it includes industrial producing, process energy, technologies of mechanical drivings, electrical machinery, microelectronics, computer, machine vision, process control. All these technologies can enhance industrial producing on management, security , quality, efficiency, which is helpful on industry digitization and informationization.
During the "12th Five-Year", automation industry is urgent needs for China's industrial transformation & upgrading and of strategic emerging development. By continuous innovation, AIAE Beijing aimed at building the trade and cooperation platform for enterprises, research institutions , academic communities, investment and financing institutions , etc. At AIAE-2015, there will be nearly 450 companies(exhibitors) and more than 61000 professional visitors from 32 countries and regions, which covers the areas of machinery manufacturing, electrical power, automobile manufacturing, IT and electronics, aerospace, food and beverage, rail transportation, chemical industry, new energy, light machinery and other industries, as well as academic seminar, technical exchanges, new products conference and technologies forum.
Time Arrangement:
Moving In & Setting: 2nd -3rd , July,2015 Opening Ceremony: 4th , July, 2015 (9:30am)
Opening Period: 4th -6th , July,2015 Closing Time: 6th , July,2015 (16:30pm)
Venue Add.: NO.6 Of North Three-ring East Road, Chao Yang District BEIJING, CHINA
Exhibits Introduction:
1. producing automation: mechanical and plant engineering, systems of acquisition, settlement, accessories and processing , motion control, robotics, automation solutions, linear technology vision, pneumatic systems, vibration measurement system, signal devices, production logistics and material, mobile robot drive technology, Pumps and accessories, power transmission, industrial automation data acquisition and identification systems, etc.
2. electrical system: servo motor, motor and inverter, electrical control& switch, gear equipment, technical drive systems, transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power, power electrical test and testing equipment, cable and its accessories.
3.Robotics: industrial robots, robot simulation and visual systems, service robots, machines, devices and parts.
4. Industrial automation information technology and software: integrated plant management software, factory production software, industrial IT software, industrial systems and tools, industrial Internet, external factory solutions & services.
5. Automation technology and new trends: industrial communications, image processing sensors, safety and protection, control systems, inter-process communication, wireless automation, sensor technology & instrumentation (for measurement and control), security technology, industrial software and programmable logic controller(PLC), connection & interface technology, fieldbus.
6. Process and Energy Automation: automation and energy solutions, instrumentation (for measurement and control), engineering , maintenance ,service and process automation solutions, connect and interface technology.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Coco Lee
Tel: +86-132 6020 9406
Skype: china_automation
Address: RM 1604,North Building, Raycom Creative Center, East Bajiao Street,Shijingshan,Beijing,100043,China

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ST Robotics Develops the Workspace Sentry for Collaborative Robotics

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