A New Dimension: Three Quarters of 3D Printer Owners Report High Daily and Weekly Usage, Finds New CEA Study

3D printers expected to bring in $76 million in U.S. revenue this year

ARLINGTON, Va.--According to a study released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), three quarters of 3D printer owners (76 percent) report using their 3D printers daily or several times a week. The new report, Eye on Emerging Technology: 3D Printing, examines the global market for consumer 3D printers and focuses specifically on consumer awareness and perceptions, price sensitivity and potential applications.

"3D printing is an emerging technology that has the potential to change the world," said Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis, CEA. "As 3D printers evolve with new inputs, features and lower prices, they could transform the consumer landscape - much like MP3 players impacted the music industry."

3D Printing Market Overview

According to CEAs U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecast, 3D printers will bring in $76 million in total revenue in 2014 in the U.S. (up 44 percent over last year) and earn $121 million worldwide this year.

CEA predicts the devices will see double-digit growth in U.S. unit shipments through 2018, generating $175 million in total revenue. CEA estimates a compound annual growth rate of up to 37.1 percent through 2018.

"Strong 3D printer growth will be driven by increasing consumer demand, technological development and higher levels of competition," said Koenig. "Revenue from sales is unlikely to grow as quickly as unit sales, though, as increased competition and market segmentation are likely to cause a drop in prices - a win for the consumer."

Consumer Awareness and Usage

Almost a quarter of online U.S. adults (23 percent) report being familiar with the technology. Additionally, half (51 percent) say theyre unfamiliar with 3D printing technology.

Among those who own a 3D printer, three quarters (76 percent) report using their 3D printers daily or several times per week. Only 18 percent of 3D printer owners report using their 3D printer once a week, and seven percent use it one or two times a month.

"We expect consumer familiarity with 3D printers to grow as more and more large retailers begin to carry the devices," said Koenig. "This is great for retailers as it creates an ‘attraction for consumers to come see 3D printers in action in the store."

3D Printer Applications

According to CEAs report, consumers are most interested in using 3D printers to create items such as household goods (52 percent), smartphone cases (51 percent), jewelry (49 percent), clothing (48 percent) and toys (45 percent).

The Eye on Emerging Technology: 3D Printing was designed and formulated by CEA Market Research, the most comprehensive source of sales data, forecasts, consumer research and historical trends for the consumer electronics industry. Please cite any information to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. The complete report is available at no cost to CEA member companies at members.CE.org. Non-members may purchase the report in the CEA Store.

CEAs 3D Printing Working Group represents the industry on issues such as consumer education and promotion, policy advocacy, standards setting, energy use and interoperability issues. For more information on how to get involved, contact Alicia McGrail.

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