New SD-Series Torque & Automation Control System by Mountz Inc.

Mountz, Inc. introduces the next generation of automation and process control in screw fastening technology. The SD-Series is a versatile torque and automation control system engineered for precision accuracy and repeatable torque control.

San Jose, CA October 27, 2014

Mountz, Inc. introduces the next generation of automation and process control in screw fastening technology. The SD-Series is a versatile torque and automation control system engineered for precision accuracy and repeatable torque control. The SD-Series delivers cost savings and quality benefit through useful features such as digital adjustable torque setting, variable torque and speed control, multiple I/O options for integration with PLC and other line control techniques. Designed for automation and robotic fastening applications, the SD-Series is technically innovative and an advanced fastening solution.

Today's fastening process is really about providing quality torque control for manufacturers with a greater ability to achieve repeatable performance, optimize production and remain cost competitive. Electric screwdrivers engineered for robotic and automation applications provide manufactures with a rapid, reliable and precise method of fastening screws. The technology of these automation tools provide tighter process control and higher quality standards, while keeping costs down. The SD-Series tool system improves productivity and efficiency with six key essential manufacturing benefits:

1. Reduces the production cycle.
2. Production flexibility and rapid reconfiguration for new production projects.
3. Provides a consistent repeatable process control and eliminates potential variations.
4. Integration control and data exchange.
5. Optimum asset utilization. Tooling expense delivers favorable return of investment.
6. Maintenance and repair are easy and low cost.

A Windows based software package that can customize each fastening application is included with the product. The automation torque control system features built-in error proofing data and a screw counter. Multiple fastening strategies can be implemented for sensitive or difficult assembly joints. The SD-Series tool increases productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools, saving time, maintenance cost, space and training.

The SD-Series features a programmable digital torque setting with memory for 8 preset torque settings. The electric screwdrivers feature the Swiss Maxon brushless motor technology and are engineered for high production environments. Built for critical low torque fastening applications, Mountz offers various hand held and robotic models that range from 0.08 - 13 inch-pounds. The controller of the SD-Series includes a built-in screw counter, which prevents screw-fastening errors and detects cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle incompletes.

The goal of the screw counting process is to ensure that all fasteners are accounted for during the assembly process. The further a fastening error is identified on the assembly line, the more it costs in rework time and expenses. If a fastening error is committed and detected during the assembly process, the operator can correct it or prevent the faulty product from moving along the manufacturing line or being shipped out to a customer. Making a safer world through accuracy and precision is the core purpose of Mountz, Inc.

Screwdrivers with a brushless motor have an extremely long operating life and provide consistent reliable performance. The screwdriver requires less maintenance with no need for replacement of expendable parts (carbon brushes, rotor, switches and other contact points). Heat generated by the motor is reduced and the screwdriver performance is always at the maximum level. With almost no expendable parts and simple design, the brushless screwdriver life cycle is extended and it maintains a clean working environment.

There are many opportunities for manufactures to improve their production process. Refining manufacturing methods and implementing automation equipment are significant opportunities. The new SD-Series torque and automation control system will improve the fastening process and reduce manufacturing costs.

Using a quality torque and automation control system makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Measuring torque is essential for companies to ensure their product's quality, safety and reliability isn't compromised. The failure of a three-cent fastener that isn't properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Fasteners that are insufficiently fastened can vibrate loose and excessive torque can strip threaded fasteners.

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