NEXCOM IoT Gateway Completes Last Mile Connection to the Cloud

NIO 100 series has built connectivity, manageability, and security into a cloud-ready IoT gateway solution.

Broadening its IoT gateway portfolio, NEXCOM's latest NIO 100 series provides seamless interconnection and secured data transmission from edge devices to the cloud. NIO 100 series has built connectivity, manageability, and security into a cloud-ready IoT gateway solution. Combining the support for diverse communication and extended operating temperature, NIO 100 series offers flexible use in manufacturing, industrial, environmental monitoring, and home and building automation applications.

NIO 100 series has integrated Intel Quark SoC X1021, Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, and McAfee Embedded Control. To connect the edge to the cloud, NIO 100 series supports multiple fiedbus communication protocols, including PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, and Modbus TCP/RTU—and Modbus TCP/RTU IoT. NIO 100 series can also build up ZigBee, Z-Wave, and EnOcean connectivity with custom configuration. The multi-protocol support allows NIO 100 to collect data from manufacturing machines and wireless sensor networks (WSN). Moreover, NIO 100 series can transfer data over both wired and 3G/Wi-Fi wireless networks, offering the last mile connection and ensuring reliable data transmission with data buffering.
To increase manageability, NEXCOM‘s IoT Studio and Connect-to-Cloud cloud server (C2C cloud server) offer hassle-free configuration and management from initial setups to system fine-tuning afterwards. NEXCOM IoT Studio is a GUI utility tool which simplifies network configuration with click-to-connect settings, updates gateways via wireless automatic over- the-air (OTA) updates, and enables rapid and consistent maintenance with group management. The upcoming C2C cloud server—featuring devices, data, access, and event management functions—allows manufacturers, plant operators, and facility managers to remotely monitor and control everyday operations to make more efficient and productive use of assets.
To protect system and data integrity, NIO 100 IoT gateway solution provides both hardware- and software-level security with Intel processor, Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, and McAfee Embedded Control. For instance, NIO 100 uses secure boot to provide a verified environment for software and applications to load; it prevents data tampering or malware attacks during transmission with VPN and firewall; and it blocks unauthorized change attempts with a whitelisting approach.
NEXCOM cloud-ready IoT gateway solutions NIO 100Y and NIO 101Y are also available with the open source Yocto operating system. Software developers and system integrators can integrate any third-party software that best suits application needs.

About NEXCOM: Founded in 1992, NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates six global businesses, which are Multi-Media Solutions, Mobile Computing Solutions, IoT Automation Solutions, Network and Communication Solutions, Intelligent Digital Security, and Healthcare and Medical Informatics. NEXCOM serves its customers worldwide through its subsidiaries in five major industrial countries. Under the IoT megatrend, NEXCOM expands its offerings with solutions in emerging applications including IoT, robotics, connected cars, Industry 4.0, and industrial security.

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