Introducing FLOW Roll-Fed Labeler by PKD International, the Next Generation Roll-Fed labeler

PKD International is pleased to announce the Introduction of FLOW, In-Line High Speed Roll-Fed Labeler, the Next Generation Labeler based on Efficiency & Sustainability.

FLOW is a highly efficient, sustainable Roll-fed labeler that offers a "Smart Servo" 100% Server Motor Drive. This revolutionary process simplifies the efficiency of the Roll-fed labeling industry with fewer change parts, minimal setup time and longer run times.

FLOW Labeler Technology by PKD International is a leading manufacturer of Roll-Fed Labeling Equipment. PKD has been a leading roll fed manufacturer for the past 18 years and has used this knowledge & expertise to develop the revolutionary, next generation Flow, Roll-Fed Labeler. FLOW will set new industry standards on the roll-fed process based on sustainability and setting new standards for efficiency in the labeler marketplace.
PKD's founder is one of the initial developer of the Roll-Fed process which has been on the market 30+ years. He has taken his expertise and combined it with PKD customer feedback to develop the Flow Roll-Fed Labeler technology.

FLOW's unique design has simplified the Labeling process meeting the needs of the changing market as FLOW's new revolutionary bottle handling system and innovative design address the issues of bottlenecks with new light weight containers and thin gauge materials on the market.

• FLOW has the ability to use the same system on multiple container sizes and formats with no feed screws or star wheels.
• "Smart Servo" 100% servo motor drive is interchangeable and requires no programming
• 10.5" Color Touch Screen Control Panel (HMI) allows for fast changes, easy setups, and storage of multiple bottle & label formats.
• 33% smaller footprint than rotary labelers taking up less space 6'x8'
• 98% efficiency with minimal parts and adjustments.
• No chains, belts, gears, cams or sprockets.
• Low cost maintenance & fast change over.
• Very clean operation with no lubrication required.
• Low cost of maintenance & faster change over

Cost Savings:
• Fast, easy change over with less production downtime
• Reduction of parts on different container formats than rotary labels.
• No vacuum drum reparation required.
• No roll on pad preparation required.
• Low Maintenance costs.
• Uses more sustainable bottles and labels reduces material costs.
• Low Energy Consumption

PKD is a full service company providing manufacturing expertise of Roll-fed equipment, and engineering support of new and customized spare parts. PKD's team of technical sales & engineering team understand that your productivity it a top priority. Staff are available 365/24/7 to offer engineering, product service and spare parts.

PKD International SA. De CV.
Querétaro/ México
Tel (52) 442 199 0825

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