The future of machine vision industry in Russia was discussed at VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference 2015

VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference brought together technical experts and guests interested in using machine vision technologies for their business and industrial goals.

During 17th and 18th of June Expocentre fairgrounds in Moscow hosted VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference which is designed to become the leading market platform and exhibition for showcasing the global machine vision industry developments as well as establishing contacts between Russian and foreign manufacturers and integrators with potential customers. VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference brought together technical experts and guests interested in using machine vision technologies for their business and industrial goals. With an extensive business program and co-location with micro- and nanoelectronics industry forum - SEMICON Russia 2015, the united venue of two specialized events managed to attract nearly 1700 specialists.

In 2015 VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference project gained the support of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) which organized the presentation of EMVA global activities with focus of the current trends and partnership with the Russian market players. The EMVA event was leaded by Jean Caron, Member of the Board of EMVA and Vice President of the company Euresys s.a. (Belgium) - the supplier of video acquisition and processing components for machine vision and video surveillance applications.

The show  demonstrated that market interest and business opportunities in Russia remain strong. Geographically Expocentre hosted these days visitors from almost 20 countries. The list of visitor industries included electronics and electrical engineering, telecommunications, engineering, transport and logistics, security technologies and biometrics, aerospace industry, traffic and intelligent traffic systems, pharmaceuticals and medicine as well as retail and HoReCa segment. Next year the organizers plan to involve more professionals from the food processing and packaging industries which are rapidly developing in Russia.

According to Victor Egorov, Regional sales manager at Basler AG, 2015s edition of VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference was very successful and managed to exceed the results of the previous year. He admits that today the market is underserved by the machine vision technologies in Russia as a result of the current situation in the Russian manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, considering the size of the country and the launch of new facilities, theres a market niche, giving local distributors and foreign machine vision manufacturers a good chance to penetrate the Russian market. "It was a pleasure to see a full house at Presentation area, a lot of people by the booths and a real, very high interest of visitors towards the new products. There is no doubt that in the nearest future machine vision technologies will be widely spread in Russia", - said Victor Egorov.

In the framework of VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference the leading Russian and foreign machine vision experts expressed unanimous opinion about the important role of VISION Pavilion & Conference project for the local industry development. The Conference was attended by the CEOs and top managers of the local and foreign manufacturers, distributors and integrators of machine vision systems and technologies, Association members, leading engineers and technical specialists, Business Development managers of industrial and non-industrial enterprises, as well as representatives of local development funds for infrastructure projects and educational programs.

Among the Conference speakers were representatives of well-known companies such as ViTec, Basler AG, Camera IQ, Baumer Optronic, distributors of National Instruments Corp., Opto Engineering, Ostec Electro, Geomatica research and production company, Euresys s.a., CountMax. The Presentation Area in 2015 was sponsored by Baumer Optronic.

Conference program was divided into three Sessions devoted to various aspects of machine vision application: "Up-to-date machine vision technologies. High-powered and affordable", "Machine vision for semiconductor production", "Machine vision for non-industrial application". On the second exhibition day, June 18, ViTec company organized a seminar devoted to technical vision. The participants got to know about technical advantages of machine vision for solving tasks of quality, quantity, size, configuration and packaging control, production identification and marking, operating robots, machines and mechanisms.

In 2015 VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference was supported by the leading specialized international magazines such as INSPECT, Imaging & Machine VISION Europe, Control Engineering., a famous Russian internet portal on science and technologies, joined the show as the Scientific partner.

Within media partnership with VISION Russia Pavilion & Conference, Analytical group OSP Data concluded the survey regarding the importance of specific characteristics of machine vision systems. Half of the respondents named reliability and technical support of MV systems to be the prior feature, one-third of respondents pointed out the completeness of the solution, simple installation and use, and every sixth respondent highlighted price/performance ratio. The second day quiz focused on the most popular technologies among specialists. About 60% of respondents put in the first place 3D machine vision while more than a quarter of respondents — embedded machine vision systems.

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