Morgan Advanced Materials launches new, lightweight, high-protection Silverback 4020 Elite explosive ordnance disposal suit

Cutting edge explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suit provides highest level of protection

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced the launch of a new, lightweight explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suit, the Silverback 4020 Elite suit, from its Composites & Defence Systems business. Combining new technology, cutting edge materials and premium quality garment construction, the suit gives users the highest levels of protection, while allowing them the freedom of movement required to successfully complete EOD tasks.

Key benefits of the Silverback 4020 Elite suit include its innovative quick-release technology, which allows the user to get out of the suit unaided, in less than 20 seconds; while the ergonomics and design of the suit afford the user the freedom of movement to crouch, crawl and climb as required - ideal for when users need to gather forensic evidence.

The suit's helmet is available with either a scratch-resistant heated glass or polycarbonate visor. Combined with a balanced battery pack, the operator benefits from superior vision and enhanced situational awareness even in the most demanding of environments.

The suit also features a decoupling breastplate with an innovative three-piece design to optimise flexibility, an integrated back protector that provides blunt trauma protection and delivers cooling air, and a cooling system that fits unobtrusively at the rear of the suit. In short, the Silverback 4020 Elite suit combines operational flexibility with uncompromising levels of safety.

Martyn Cook, Development Director for Morgan's Composites & Defence Systems business, comments on the latest addition to Morgan's highly respected range of protective systems. "The new Silverback 4020 Elite suit offers excellent freedom of movement a genuine advantage in the field, particularly where users need to gather forensic evidence," he explained. "We have taken great care to combine this flexibility with the high levels of quality and protection for which Morgan is quite rightly renowned - we are very proud of this achievement."

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