Brain Corporation Launches Free and Premium Software Platforms Dedicated to Development of Robotic Applications

BrainOS and BrainOS Pro provide central software framework addressing technical and business challenges of robotics development

SAN DIEGO--Brain Corporation, a company that makes everyday robots a reality by providing advanced technologies and technical services for cyber-physical systems, today announced premium and free versions of BrainOS, a software package that provides a central framework for robotic application development. BrainOS supports critical technologies, easily interfaces with common peripherals and runs efficiently on low-cost computing hardware making prototyping and development easier for everyone from hobbyists to commercial developers. In addition to BrainOS, Brain Corporation announced a robotic kit powered by BrainOS. The kit, The Geekbot Advanced with BrainOS, allows developers to see the power of BrainOS on a robotic platform and start developing BrainOS-powered apps.

"While there is a lot of opportunity for robotic applications, there is a significant gap in the availability of technology that has been specifically designed for those developing commercial products and applications," said Dr. Todd Hylton, Executive Vice President of Brain Corporation. "BrainOS helps solve that problem by providing a central technology framework that is accessible to those looking to prototype, commercialize and monetize robotic applications."

The software platform consist of two key components: BrainOS Core, a message passing framework, and BrainOS Library, collections of algorithms for perception, navigation, manipulation, control and learning. The software runs on low-cost computing hardware such as Raspberry Pi 2 and Snapdragon 410c, and interfaces easily with Arduino controllers and components. The free version is ideal for hobbyists, makers, educators, students and early-stage commercial developers and is available by download from Brain Corporation's website.

BrainOS Pro addresses the interests of later-stage commercial developers with challenging products and applications by providing additional technologies and access to advisory and technical services from Brain Corporation's expert team of engineers and developers. BrainOS Pro includes proprietary library elements from Brain Corporation, third-party libraries, additional development tools and direct support from Brain Corporation's expert team. BrainOS Pro is available on Brain Corporation's bStem single-board computer and hardware development kit, as well as other platforms by request.

Brain Corporation's robotic kit, The Geekbot Advanced with BrainOS, is a two-wheeled robot with a camera and gripper sold through Trossen Robotics for $449.95. The kit requires no soldering and is easy and intuitive to build. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 2, the robot includes three default behaviors including path training, autonomous ball tracking, and telepresence. All behaviors have been implemented in BrainOS. The Geekbot Advanced with BrainOS includes everything needed to get started with BrainOS for robotics.

About Brain Corporation
Brain Corporation makes everyday robots a reality by providing advanced technologies and technical services for cyber-physical systems. Brain Corporation's BrainOS, a software package that includes machine learning, computer vision and other advanced technologies, provides a central software framework that supports critical technologies, easily interfaces with common peripherals and runs efficiently on low-cost computing hardware. With BrainOS, developers can easily achieve their desired functionality for robotic, IoT, security and other applications. Brain Corporation's expert team also provides technical services to help customers integrate the most relevant technology for their individual use case. For more information, please visit

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