Blue Ocean Robotics Announces US Market Expansion Strategy


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Thursday, January 28th, 2016 Today Blue Ocean Robotics publicly announces the launch of the second wave in its US market strategy. It involves opening up several new franchise-like subsidiaries in the coming year and a quest to find US franchise-partners with the right entrepreneurial mindset and competences.

"In the first wave Blue Ocean Robotics established a subsidiary in Cincinnati, Ohio, headed by Co-founder, Partner and CEO Tim DeRosett. With that we began exploring and exploiting the opportunities for both selling robots to various markets in the US and also initiating design and developments of new novel robots. Based on the experience and lessons learned we now initiate a recruitment process to find the right partners for starting up several new Blue Ocean Robotics subsidiaries in the US, which is then the second wave in our US strategy," says Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard, co-founders and partners of Blue Ocean Robotics. "With our understanding of the US market and given the mission and business model of Blue Ocean Robotics, there is a need for several subsidiaries in the US to cover the market on geography, branches, and sales versus product development."
Joint-Venture Franchises
Blue Ocean Robotics operates and expands internationally primarily through a Joint-Venture Program. It offers individuals and existing enterprises opportunities to co-found and take the CEO role of new Blue Ocean Robotics companies (subsidiaries) in the group. The companies are owned jointly by the local partner and jointly by the Blue Ocean Robotics headquarters in Denmark. They are established as a subsidiary and they are operated in a franchise-like way where the brand name, logo, website, robots, training, partner programs, etc. are provided by Blue Ocean Robotics headquarters.
Restructuring of operations in Cincinnati
With the launch of the second wave the management of Blue Ocean Robotics in Cincinnati is also changed. Partner and CEO Tim DeRosett moves to a new position with one of the strong partners of Blue Ocean Robotics. However, Tim remains supportive of, and committed to the Blue Ocean Robotics mission.
"Blue Ocean Robotics has a growing and vital network and I fully expect Blue Ocean Robotics to continue delivering emerging robotic products that make a positive impact in people's lives across industry segments and geographies," says Tim DeRosett.
About Blue Ocean Robotics
Blue Ocean Robotics is an international company group with local presence across the world including America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Blue Ocean Robotics invests resources and capital into the exponentially growing robotics industry at large through a carefully selected portfolio of robotic projects. We incubate and take lead on each project and develop, commercialize, and introduce the robots to the markets. When the timing is right we sell, license, or spin-out the IPR, robots and related business-assets to new subsidiaries or affiliated startup enterprises of ours (through equity/shares) or to existing companies in the market. After successful sell, license, and spin-out Blue Ocean Robotics remains a closely interconnected strategic partner enabling synergies and leveraging from commercialization, international sales and development of the next generation robots. Blue Ocean Robotics is a creator of emerging robotic solutions, enterprises & markets.

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