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It is the first of its kind on the market. Small enough to fit next to your lawn mower and yet powerful enough to cut through icy snow.

We are proud to present the 4th generation remote controlled snow blower. It is the first of its kind on the market. Small enough to fit next to your lawn mower and yet powerful enough to cut through icy snow. It allows you to clean snow from the warmth and safety of your home. For more information on this project and to see the video of this cool new robot at work visit,

It has taken 2 years and four prototypes to create this powerful new remote controlled snow blower. The designer wanted to create as simple of a design as possible in order to create a more robust product. At the same time the aim was to make sure that the robot was compact enough for home owners to easily store and strong enough robot to tackle even wet heavy snow. Some of the unique and important properties of this robot are:
1 - FAST: It has a 32'' (80cm) width collector with a 20'' (50 cm) height.
2 - POWER: There is a 5.5 HP gasoline engine on this robot.
3 - ICE: There is a unique blade/auger design to chop up the ice.
4 - NO CHARGING: Fill the gas tank and keep blowing. The robot has a hybrid power system, you only put the gas and the electrical system runs all the electrical motors and charges the battery. You don't need to stop to charge batteries.
This robot offers some innovative features which are not found on your conventional snow removal technologies. For example, this robot has a salt box at the rear which can be activated remotely to throw salt as wanted. Another exciting feature is the chute which has the capacity to turn 360 degrees and it has lights help you to see where you are blowing when it is dark. Finally, it has an emergency off button which can be activated both remotely and by physically pushing the button on top of the robot.

About the designer: Professor Faruk Kececi has his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and his doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. To learn more about the designer visit:

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