Introducing BIG-i, the World's Most Versatile Personal Robot

Interactive learning home companion by NXROBO was unveiled at the Pepcom Digital Focus Spring Showcase last week

NEW YORK — April 12, 2016 — Advances in technology have come a long way in making consumers lives easier, but the idea of a personal robot for the home has always been relegated to Sci-Fi ... until now. BIG-i, the worlds smartest, fully interactive personal robot, is on it's way to America, possibly as early as fourth quarter 2016. Created by the robotic experts at NXROBO, BIG-i is unlike any other artificial intelligence on the market. Designed to address consumers daily needs, BIG-i features Motion Tracking, Face and Voice Recognition, Local Mapping, Smart Home technology, and more to create a unique interaction between owner and robot.

"It has always been my dream to create a robot that could enrich a familys life," said Dr. Tin Lun Lam, CEO of NXROBO. "The needs of every household are diverse. In order to have a family robot become common in homes, it needs to be affordable with truly great design, technologies and personalization capabilities to fit everyones needs."
BIG-is advanced tracking abilities combined with its voice recognition technology and self-learning programming language allow owners to program their own commands and set reminders for everyday routines. Over time, BIG-i will learn each familys unique habits and help out with them.
BIG-is capabilities include:
• Endless Learning -- BIG-is operating system is integrated with voice recognition capabilities and natural language-based programming, so you can teach it new on a regular basis using just your voice. More advanced? BIG-is OS will eventually be open source, allowing you to make own custom programs for it.

• Home Robo-Butler -- With its Voice Programming + Face Recognition + Motion Tracking, BIG-i can act like another pair of eyes around the house. BIG-i can be programmed to spot a child picking up fruit and remind him to wash his hands first. When BIG-i sees a family member leaving the kitchen, it can remind you to turn off the oven. By learning a familys habits, BIG-i establishes relationships with each individual while staying loyal to whos in charge. It knows which people to listen to - and which people not to - and will prioritize your requests to keep the natural order of the household.

• Unparalleled Communication -- Through Video Call + Face Recognition + Auto Navigation, BIG-i will change your communication experience. BIG-i can place and receive calls using your phones contacts so you can seamlessly communicate - even when youve lost your phone. BIG-i will even help you find it.

• Smart Home Integration -- BIG-is Voice Programming + Smart Home + Motion Tracking works with your homes electronics to provide a seamless transition of mood and environment. When BIG-i sees someone sitting on the couch after coming home from a long day of work, it can turn on a favorite TV show. Having a special dinner? BIG-i can recognize when someone raises a toast and automatically play a song selected for the moment.

• Virtually Anything You Ask -- Need directions? BIG-i can track them down and get you on your way. Want to order a pizza? No sweat! BIG-i knows what you like and can place your order via app or online.

BIG-is possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Not only is BIG-is technology changing the way people think about robot interaction, its appearance is redefining the industry as well. BIG-i isnt your typical robot; its frame is made of soft, cushioned material with no rough edges and features a single large rotating eye. The friendly, rounded design stands at 2.5 feet tall and is a welcome presence in any home.

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NXROBO is an innovative robot company established in 2015. Based in Shenzhen, the company was founded by leading professionals in the robotic industry, each with more than 10 years of experience in the field and a strong focus on user experience. NXROBO has integrated cutting-edge robotic technology to meet consumers daily user demands to build a next-generation, multi-functional robot that brings everyone a comfortable, convenient family experience.

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