Mark Roberts Motion Control Celebrates 50 Years of Innovative Robotics

MRMC Will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and showcasing latest robotics at NAB

Mark Roberts Motion Control, the award winning manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions for motion control and broadcast robotics, celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

MRMC designs, manufactures and assembles motion control rigs which have been used in hundreds of major blockbuster movies - Avengers, Skyfall, X-Men and Harry Potter to name but a few - as well as thousands of commercials. The company also creates pan-tilt and multi-axis robotic heads and controllers along with tracking technologies for multiple industries -Television, sports, security and surveillance. MRMC's client list includes Boeing, Space-X, Sony, Nikon, Harris and many other blue chip companies.
The robotics company had its humble beginnings 50 years ago, when in 1966, Australian born engineer, inventor and part time racing driver Mark Roberts set up a company servicing early rostrum camera systems, many of which were mostly manually controlled. He found that by using very early computers (analogue, then later digital) he could automate much of the process of using an animation stand and dramatically increase its speed and ease of use. He also developed new and better mechanics, which revolutionised the use of rostrums/animation stands, especially in TV stations - most of the major European TV stations ended up with Mark Roberts.
In 1977, with the release of Star Wars, the techniques of using motion control for special effects came to the world's attention. From that point onward, Mark Roberts Film Services as it was then known, created better, larger and faster bespoke motion control rigs.
The company later changed its name to the current Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), as it diversified in to other types of robotics - investing heavily in research of different types of automated image acquisition.
"We are proud to reach this 50-year milestone! While we are at the forefront of the market, we still retain the core values that put us on the map - providing robust robotics and systems that give our customers the tools they need to realise their creative visions." - Assaff Rawner, Managing Director
MRMCs engineering prowess earned them an Academy Award for their Milo system. First built nearly 25 years ago, to date, not a single rig has ever been decommissioned.
MRMC will be starting their 50th anniversary celebrations at the NAB Show n Las Vegas, showing off its latest high-speed Cinebot arm together with new computer vision automation and wireless robotic solutions. There will also be some celebratory giveaways, so make sure you ask for your free 50th anniversary pocket ninja.
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About Mark Roberts Motion Control
MRMC is the leading designer and manufacturer of motion control rigs and robotic camera systems. From live broadcast, film, television & product photography, to security, surveillance and education, MRMC creates a wide-range of standard or bespoke systems for multiple industries.

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