ARTI3 Mobility Platform Now Available in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - May 16, 2016 - Innovation Matrix, Inc., an innovative distributor of robotic, motion control, and machine vision systems, today announced a partnership with Transcend Robotics of San Francisco, California. This agreement allows Innovation Matrix to exclusively sell and support Transcends mobile platform in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia.

Transcend Robotics has developed a robotic mobility system called "ARTI" with Articulated Traction Control Technology that quickly traverses over terrain, stairs, and other obstacles without complex controls. This mobile robotic ground solution can be configured for multiple end user applications such as rescue robots and dangerous situations.

With Innovation Matrixs knowledge in the Trans-Pacific, the partnership will provide Transcends robots to robotics researchers in the Pacific Rim region to accelerate research work in robotics. This effort will accelerate development of applications for the outdoor robotics industry.

"We are excited about our partnership with Transcend Robotics," said Eimei Onaga, CEO and founder of Innovation Matrix, Inc. "Through our industrial experience and knowledge of the Asian robotics market, we will be able to provide the best tools and support to our customers to remain competitive in the coming mobile robotics era."

"We are delighted to have Innovation Matrix and Mr. Onaga representing us in these countries," said Phil Walker, CEO of Transcend Robotics. "Mr. Onaga has over 40 years of experience in robotics business management and engineering, brings extensive experience in selling industrial and service robots in Asia, and speaks fluent Japanese. Innovation Matrix is a strong partner to distribute ARTI technology to Asian markets."

About Innovation Matrix, Inc.
Founded in 2004, Innovation Matrix, Inc. is an innovative distributor specializing in industrial and service robotics, motion control, and machine vision products. Innovation matrix is uniquely positioned to meet its customers engineering and manufacturing goals with its trans-pacific automation industry expertise and maintains a global presence with direct offices and alliance offices in the U.S., Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan.
In 2006, the companys RoboMatrix division was created to address emerging next-generation robot technologies such as mobile and telepresence robots, and business matchmaking between US and Japanese service robot technology companies. Transcends products will be promoted by RoboMatrix division.

About Transcend Robotics
Transcend Robotics is building the future of ground-based mobile robotics with the ARTI platform which is capable of traversing the many obstacles of the human world. Transcends patented technology (patents: US 8434576 B1, US 8893832 B2) enables robotics mobility for the real-world without the need for skilled operators or complex automation software. Customers include companies in telepresence, oil & gas, mining, construction, manufacturing, military, industrial, and healthcare. Transcend Robotics is based in San Francisco, California.
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