JIMU Robot, the World's First Buildable, Programmable and Shareable Robotic Building Block Line Available World-wide Today

New interactive building block system allows users to design, create and program their very own robot, as well as share and like creations through the JIMU Robot app

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- UBTECH Robotics, the company that created the cutting edge Alpha Series of humanoid robots, today announced two of its exciting new JIMU Robot interactive robotic building block sets, The MeeBot Kit and Animal Add-On Kit, are both available at Apple.com and at Apple stores in select countries.

"The JIMU Robot line occupies an exclusive, inventive place in the robotics space," said John Rhee, General Manager, UBTECH Robotics, North America. "The interconnecting pieces can be built into any design imaginable and programmed to move in realistic life-like motions by people aged 8 to 88. It is a unique combination of fun and creative construction, programming, interconnectivity and community unlike any other robotics system available in the world. We're proud to be at the forefront of a movement helping to push the technology and toy industries forward, and we are very grateful for all the support our fans have shown us."

The JIMU Robot system is the first robotics line that allows the user to design, build and program their very own robot, as well as share and access an unlimited number of JIMU Robot designs and programming options through an online global robotics community accessed through the JIMU Robot app available on the App Store.

JIMU Robot "inventors" can build the MeeBot Kit, any of UBTECH's pre-designed models, or invent their own creations, by combining the interlocking, snap-together parts and components in the MeeBot Kit with the Animal Add-On Kit, both available at Apple.com and Apple stores. The JIMU Robot app-based 3D animated instructions make assembly easy, and its intuitive pose, record and playback (PRP) and drag and drop block programming allow users to bring their creations to life through an endless number of motions and actions. State-of-the-art robotic servo motors developed by UBTECH Robotics produce smooth, accurate motion and easily integrate with connectors and building blocks to create engaging characters.

JIMU Robot creations are programmed and controlled using the JIMU Robot app, available on the App Store. The app also provides access to a global online community exclusively for JIMU Robot Inventors to post, share and like official and user generated JIMU Robotic designs. The app provides instructions and tutorials on how to build, program and control JIMU Robot creations, as well as meet friends and share ideas with the JIMU Community.

The JIMU Robot MeeBot Kit includes:·

Six robotic servo motors that provide the JIMU Robot's smooth, life-like movement
Easy-to-follow 3D animated instructions on the JIMU Robot free app
A main control box that acts as the brains of the robot
A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a recharging cord
Connectors that are the robot's infrastructure
Colorful character parts that add personality and design to the robot
Three port wires that send signals from the main control box to and in between the robotic servo motors
The JIMU Robot Animal Add-On Kit is a MeeBot accessory kit available exclusively at Apple Stores and provides an additional robotic servo motor and all of the parts and components needed to create four additional animal characters: Penguin, T-Rex, Seal and Parrot, or to build and animate any robotic creation the user can imagine. Once a JIMU Robot character is built and programmed, users may capture its design and performance and share it with the JIMU Robot Community through the JIMU Robot app, where users can see and "like" other robotic creations from JIMU Robot enthusiasts around the world.

JIMU Robot parts are made of PC plastics with ROHS and CE certification, making them environmentally friendly, safe and durable.


Established to provide cutting-edge technical solutions, UBTECH Robotics is a highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider. The company is best known globally as the industry leader in humanoid robotics like the Alpha 1S. With their world-class robots that are interactive and enjoyable for the entire family, UBTECH Robotics allows you step away from traditional play and into a world where robots are our friends. For additional information about the company, follow UBTECH Robotics on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and at www.ubtrobot.com.

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