Japanese Exhibitors are increasing at ROBODEX- Expo

Exhibitors are planning to introduce their new technologies in the expo has gained attraction already with in Japan market.

Robodex - Japan Being the first of its kind of exhibition to connect Robot Development technologies in a B2B platform; Japanese Companies from service sector and industrial sector companies are increasing to participate in the expo.

Exhibitors are planning to introduce their new technologies in the expo has gained attraction already with in Japan market. For example Kokoro Robots company has unique service robots and has entertaining system involved. Kokoro`s Robot theater system has made it possible to play the legendary of the dragon god in the Uzumagawa River. This is a tragic love story played in the traditional Japanese style white-walled warehouse. The idea is completely the play actors and musicians will be robots. . Beside the play, robots such as the ‘Gramma playing traditional Japanese guitar' and the Dancing Droll Fellow, which fit right in a traditional Japanese house with snifty ways of speaking and gestures to entertain visitor. They are also exhibited and produced by Kokoro.

From the Kokoro- Another interesting topic is " Take a dreamy trip to Sado", - guided tour by the High-tech robot. Real-looking robots of the Emperor Jyuntoku, Nichiren Saint, Zeami are created to tell the Sadogashima Island related history in the impressive stage settings. The visitor will experience the historical atmosphere and enjoy this beautiful settings / famous historical events made possible by the stage equipment and the real-looking robots. Kokoro was involved with the overall exhibition planning for the museum.

Kokoro has a Live Theater- Where Dinosaurs come to life and Dinosaur fossils exhibited at the center come to life and appear one after another right in front of visitor. At the spectacular dinosaur theater, image pictures, and explanations by the character robot along with breath-taking special effects will entertain visitor stunningly. Kokoro was involved with theater project from the initial stage of planning to manufacturing of the dinosaurs and characters.

Kokoro is also involved in developing the the Actroid is humanoid robot, which has made it possible to look just like a human being with an overwhelming realism and ultimate functions of expression abilities.Absolutely look like a real human! The "Actroid", humanoid, developed with a cutting-edge technology to attract with its human look-alike appearance and astonishing high expression ability. New line of the Actroids is being developed.

Truly the Kokoro company has its robots implemented in various places already and has continuously inventing new arenas and styles of service robots that are valued for its use.
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