Educational Robots Land on Earth -- Abilix 2016 New Product Release Conference

Krypton series brick robot has a unique six-side attachable building mechanism which makes it world's first brick robot with the most mechanical possibilities. Preteens and teens can build Krypton series into different things, such as plane, motorcycle, the Eiffel Tower, etc.

SHANGHAI, Sept. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 8, 2016, a number of mysterious guests will land on earth and take everyone's attention to Shanghai, China. Some 800 distributors, 200 media as well as 500 Abilix fans from 23 countries will meet 9 little guests which are the educational robots travelling from 3016 to bring about an important revolution to education. They are Krypton series brick robot, developed by the South China Sea base; Oculus series mobile robot, developed by the Mars base; Sinus series flying robot, developed by the lunar base and Everest series humanoid robot, developed by the Mount Everest base.

Krypton series brick robot has a unique six-side attachable building mechanism which makes it world's first brick robot with the most mechanical possibilities. Preteens and teens can build Krypton series into different things, such as plane, motorcycle, the Eiffel Tower, etc. Oculus series mobile robot possesses the fanciest appearance, the most powerful brain and a unique vacuum cleaning system. It is the leading mobile educational robot in the world. Sinus series flying robot is the first flying robot exclusively made for preteens and teens. Not only does it have outstanding performance in safety and durability, but it also does well in taking photos and recording videos as well as a various robot APPs, such as air combat APP, air ballet APP etc. Everest series humanoid robot owns the first hip-joint with 2-DOF intelligent servo motors which make it more flexible than any other robot product in the market.

Learning by Playing, Cultivating Success Ability

Educational robots, with their significant mission of education, are the hi-tech products born to cultivate preteens and teens' success ability. It is ultimate duty of Abilix to make sure they help youngsters to gain success in their lives. The 4 series (9 new products) are the educational robots Abilix exclusively made for home education.

In 1996, Abilix was the first to invent educational robotics. So far, it has developed 120 kinds of educational robots, 50 sets of robotics curriculum, with which, more and more preteens and teens have the chance to improve their success ability with educational robots.

Success ability is the cornerstone for success. In the process of youngsters having a certain robotics project, students will gather together to brainstorm for solutions, weighing their pros and cons and then pick the best one, building its mechanical structure, calibrating, programming, enduring all kinds of hardship before make the project a success. During the process, educational robots play very important roles just like a soccer ball in physical education.

In the process of success ability training, youngsters get to know mechanics, electronics, software, artificial intelligence etc. in a light and natural mood which will enhance their science literacy and make them feel closer to technology. In the era of technology, youngsters' technology literacy is crucial to their success.

Cutting-edge Technology, Leader in Robotics

Abilix is the founder and leader of educational robotics in the world. It possesses major patents in educational robotics in the world, for example, there are 161 authorized and pending patents involved with the 9 new products, which build an indestructible protection system.

The family of Abilix educational robots shares one unified system. They all have the same brain (Abilix Brain v1.0), voice recognition, facial recognition and visual recognition engines. The computing capability of Abilix controller is 20 times greater than a well-known similar product. Meanwhile, the performance of the voice and visual recognition will be a killer to similar products in the market.

With 4 major programming APPs, as young as a 3-year-old up to a college student will easily learn how to use Abilix flow-chart programming APP, making the most educational value out of the educational robots and let preteens and teens improve their success ability with Abilix.

Abilix educational robots share the same APP store and skill store. With the strong product and technology system Abilix has built, Abilix has confirmed its dominating position.

Affordable Price Breaking New Ground

With the technological breakthrough, price of Abilix educational robots is also revolutionary. Take Krypton series brick robot as an example, its computing capability is 20 times greater than a well-known product, the same advantage also applies to the intelligent motors and sensors. Its six-side attachable mechanism is unique in the market, but what's truly impressive is its price system. The retail price of Krypton series ranges from $179 - $599, whereas a similar product can cost from $615 - $1076. Since Abilix was founded, it has held on to a dream to let every preteen and teen have his educational robot. The ultimate goal of the 4 series, 9 will-be released home education products is to break the price barrier between youngsters and educational robots, which will truly make educational robots enter every household and realize Abilix's ultimate mission -- Improving success ability, taking youngsters further.

Educational robotics contains the most cutting-edge technology. Abilix 2016 New Product Release Conference is a signal for education robots to expand youngsters' access to their daily lives besides school, a mark to the coming of a time that every youngster will have his robot.

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