Intuition Robotics Announces Investment from iRobot and OurCrowd, Bringing Total Funding to $6M

Intuition Robotics to Open Silicon Valley Office

RAMAT GAN, Israel, Feb 14, 2017-- Intuition Robotics, developer of social companion

technologies, today announced funding from strategic investor iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT)
and equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. This investment brings the total funding in the
company to $6M USD across various funding instruments. Intuition Robotics will participate in
the worlds largest equity crowdfunding conference, the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor
Summit on February 16 in Jerusalem, Israel, where the company will conduct the first live
demonstration of Elli•Q, an autonomous active aging companion aimed at keeping older adults
active and engaged.

The new investors join Terra Venture Partners, who led the Intuition Robotics seed round, as
well as other original investors including Bloomberg Beta, Maniv Mobility, and additional
private investors. iRobot Ventures is the strategic investment arm of iRobot, the leading global
consumer robot company. OurCrowd is the worlds leading global equity crowdfunding platform
for accredited investors. Intuition Robotics will open its U.S. Headquarters in Silicon Valley this
year to bring on board key talent and start go-to-market operations in the US.

Dor Skuler, CEO and Co-Founder of Intuition Robotics, said, "We are thrilled with the positive
market response to Elli•Q, our first product that was announced a few weeks back, and are
looking forward to expanding our team in Silicon Valley. We welcome strategic investor iRobot
whose vast experience and insights in the consumer robotics market is unmatched. Were also
excited that OurCrowd is joining the team and proud to present Elli•Q live for the first time at
their Global Investor Summit in front of thousands of investors, potential partners and the

"Intuition Robotics Elli•Q is an exciting advancement in cognitive computing and human-robot
interaction," said Hanns Anders, Director at iRobot Ventures. "iRobot has been a longtime
proponent of the development of robotics technologies to support the worlds aging population.
The advances being made by Intuition Robotics are critically important to keeping this important
population active and engaged."

"We see potential for Intuition Robotics products to have massive impact on the worlds aging
population, and proud to support such an innovative company. Were excited to share this

investment with our investor base at the Global Investor Summit later this week," said
OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved.

About Intuition Robotics
Intuition Robotics™ is developing social companion technology to positively impact the lives of
millions of older adults by connecting them seamlessly with family and friends, making
technology accessible and intuitive, and proactively promoting an active lifestyle. The company
was founded by former corporate executives and entrepreneurs who previously founded and
managed CloudBand, a disruptive cloud telecom venture within Alcatel-Lucent. The founders
created Intuition Robotics to pursue their passion for creating technology and products to
improve people's quality of life.

The company's multidisciplinary team of roboticists, industrial designers, full stack developers,
Android developers, gerontologists, and machine learning experts, is currently developing
Elli•Q, the Active Aging Companion. Helping the company achieve its vision are iconic thinkers
in the realms of industrial design and user-centered design, including famed designer Yves
Béhar, former VP of Advanced Technologies at Apple Prof. Don Norman, along with Intel SVP
Amir Faintuch, and leading academic experts in the fields of Cognitive Computing, HRI,
Machine Intelligence, and Robotics. For more information, visit;

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