China Mobile Network Partner Redstone Moves into Robotics

Redstone, which supports 550 million phone users and IOT partners in 40 countries, is building an advanced health support robot to showcase its Ota/Fota mobile update technology.

China mobile partner Redstone, which supports 550 million mobile phone users with its Ota/Fota technology, is developing its own multi-purpose robot to showcase the essential role of Ota/Fota for crucial downloaded updates for networked internet-of-things devices.

Redstone's versatile Ota/Fota-enabled robot will have multiple applications in fields such as health care, environment monitoring, emotional care, video calls, and security for babies. As a new generation family health and housekeeping robot, it will be able to identify individual family members, generate health plans for each member, use big data to analyze family members' health condition, provide remote disease diagnosis and treatment recommendation, and make emergency calls when needed.
Redstones' Ota/Fota solutions are already found in smart TV's smart appliances, smart cars, and wearable devices provided by companies like Noikia, Dell, Panasonic, Lenovo, Huawei, Coolpad, Konika, and BYD.
Resdstone is also the exclusive provider of Ota/Fota service for both the China Mobile and Korean Telecom mobile networks; and its Ota/Fota solutions is used for mobile phones by companies like Panasonic, Lenovo, Coolpad, Ktouch, Elife, Dell, and Noikia.
Ota/Fota technologies provide mobile phones, phone systems, and other Ota/Fota serves as is a channel to reliably update phone operating systems, such as when Android 6.0 updates to Android 7.1. Such updates frequently provide enhanced camera, sound, and other functions valuable to users. Bugs, security gaps, and other problems in smart devices can also be quickly corrected when detected through the Ota/Fota technologies.
"Capabilities for secure and reliable download updates and security are vital for mobile phones," says Redstone CEO Han Liguang. "But they are also as or even more important for today's burgeoning new generation of smart connected devices." Devices connected to the Internet of Things are expected to expand from 2014 to 2019 by nearly ten times, from 2.5 billion in 2014 to almost 24 billion, according to BI Intelligence..
Devices using Redstone Ota/Fota also benefit from enhanced system security through an encryption algorithm invoked during downloads, This feature is important in a world where we see daily n ews of hacking, fraud over networks, and malicious online activities.
About Redstone:
Founded in 2011, Redstone Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd is based in Beiing, China, and is a leading developer of Ota/Fota solutions. It provides these key technologies for use by its partners in mobile phone networks, mobile phones, and a wide range of internet-of-things devices in 40 countries worldwide. It employees more than 100 people and its shares are listed on the SME stock exchange board Stock code:838371in China..
For information or interviews regarding Redstone, its robot, its partners, or its OTA/Fota solutions, please contact Chris Chao through What'sApp or by phone or email. Requests for comments on the Chinese or world perspective on other developments in the internet of things space can also be directed to Chris.

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