A Robot Suitcase that Can Talk and Follow You Around

Travelmate is a fully autonomous suitcase that has been developed by a cutting edge robotics team based in San Francisco, California. This team has been developing robots for over many years now but this suitcase is perhaps their coolest invention yet.

Travelmate suitcase will follow the traveler almost anywhere and can be used at airports, while going to work, taking kids to school or doing some shopping. It has a variety of sensors that allow it to navigate through crowds, obstacles and other complex situations.

What's even cooler is that it can recognize simple gestures and voice commands. It will do a trick like spinning around, or it can be told to follow some directions by enabling voice commands.
In addition, it has many other innovative smart suitcase features. It can measure the weight of what the user put in it, so that he'll never be over the weight limit at the airport.
The traveler shouldn't worry about someone's stealing his Travelmate. The location of the suitcase can be tracked via the Travelmate app. The owner can even turn on a function that will lock Travelmate's wheels if it senses that it's not following him anymore.
Travelmate is fully compliant with stringent TSA regulations, which means that it can be taken to airports without any issues. It's also waterproof and damage resistant.
Travelmate Robotics developed all sorts of new technology, like a nano-LIDAR system, and in the process of patenting them. The team is also adding other features to the suitcase that will be rolled out as updates after it releases. The main one is the full voice integration! It puts an advanced voice assistant into the suitcase!
Another intriguing feature will turn the user's house into a smart home. It'll do so by acting as a security, delivery and task-fulfilling robot. It'll help carrying groceries around and monitor the home from a distance. The technology behind that is available and very easy to implement. The Travelmate will become an indispensable part of the user's daily life, just like a smartphone and a computer.
The suitcase comes in three different sizes, with the smallest model of carry-on suitcase. It also has light up LED indicators. Lights will turn on automatically once it becomes dark.
Travelmate is a robot in every sense of the word. It moves on its own, thinks on its own and talks on its own! It has been fully developed, and pre-orders can be placed at the incredibly low price of $399 on Indiegogo
Travelmate isn't just a cool new gadget, it's ushering in a new type of lifestyle that's fitting for the 21st century.

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