Caruma Technologies Partners with RoadBotics to Expand Its Intelligent Connected-Vehicle Platform

RoadBotics Technology Collects and Analyzes Road Surfaces in Real-Time--Allows Municipalities and Transportation Partners to Gain Deeper Insights Into Their Road Infrastructure

DETROIT, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Caruma Technologies, Inc., The Intelligent Connected-Vehicle Platform™ company, and RoadBotics, The Road Sense company that uses computer algorithms to identify and automatically characterize road surface damage, features and anomalies, announced today a partnership to capture a wide array of roadway data utilizing computer vision. The combined technology provides both company's customers an affordable, continuous, and data-driven roadway monitoring solution through the full integration of Caruma's rich feature set and growing ecosystem of partnerships and integrations. The announcement was made at the TU Automotive Detroit 2017 show in Novi, Michigan.

The combination will generate immediate results for both Caruma and RoadBotics' customers in the fast-growing and emerging connected vehicle market. Caruma's artificial intelligence-based connected-vehicle platform will incorporate RoadBotics' algorithms, data collection engine, and the processing to deliver advanced information on road surfaces, features, object detection and analysis.

"Our growing ecosystem of vision-based connected-vehicle integrations leverages the power of Caruma's open platform to drive innovation, and RoadBotics is a great example of that," said Chris Carson, Chief Executive Officer at Caruma Technologies, Inc. "We're excited to work with this outstanding team and truly believe that their inclusion into our ecosystem will be a significant step towards improving infrastructure management, traffic management, and roadway maintenance."

RoadBotics, a computer vision company spun out of Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute last year, utilizes an advanced cascade approach with multiple, specialized algorithms chained together to achieve a complex understanding of the world. The technology identifies, characterizes and assesses various real-world roadway conditions that gives roadway managers, vehicles, and others a variety of roadway and signage maintenance recommendations. RoadBotics proprietary technology was developed using standard single lens data collection tools and will now be integrated into Caruma's powerful open vehicle network to rapidly collect useful information that can be distributed through an interface that municipalities and applications can subscribe to, based on the desired data profile and territory.

"We're extremely excited to be working with Caruma and to be part of their ecosystem and Open Vehicle Network." Mark DeSantis, Chief Executive Officer at RoadBotics announced. "By integrating our vision-based algorithms into the Caruma platform, it will not only expand our technology base, but also grow our combined market opportunity to create an unmatched capability in the industry."

The Caruma platform connects in-car cameras and sensor hardware to a continuous learning cloud and an artificial intelligence powered open vehicle network, which 'learns' behavioral patterns of drivers and passengers, situational factors external to the vehicle and road infrastructural changes.

About RoadBotics
RoadBotics monitors and manages our world's roadways by identifying and rating a wide array of important roadway features and conditions, including cracks, potholes, signage, vegetation, debris and other characteristics. Our smartphone app turns a smartphone and car, truck or bike into a sophisticated, mobile sensor. With this app, drivers simply attach their phone to a dash mount, giving the phone's camera a full view of the road ahead. The data is automatically uploaded to our AI-driven cloud platform to be analyzed. The video data, along with the smartphone's other sensor capabilities, allow us to precisely calculate a wide variety of vital and established roadway metrics.

About Caruma Technologies, Inc.
Caruma is The Intelligent Connected-Vehicle Platform™ that utilizes the underlying technologies found in autonomous driving vehicles to improve safety, security, and convenience. Caruma's AI-powered connected-vehicle platform collects data that empowers fleet managers with context-rich information, insurance sector with a vision-augmented driver score, smart cities with deep insights about road segment infrastructure anomalies, and automotive sector with real data sets needed for ramping to level 4 autonomy.

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