Five Elements Robotics Announces the Launch of DASH, the Robotic Shopping Cart

The Future of Shopping is Here!

Five Elements Robotics announces the launch of the Dash Robotic Shopping Cart. The Dash Robotic Shopping cart is a fully autonomous cart designed to efficiently lead customers through the store. Equipped with a shopping list that the customer inputs, Dash's autonomous navigation and planning software safely and efficiently leads the customer through the store.

The Dash Robotic Shopping cart will help increase revenues for store owners by ensuring that the customer gets what they came for. As an added benefit to increase sales, historical and current purchase data can be used by the store owner to provide targeted advertising on the Dash Display. Retailers can also program key waypoints for featured displays and promotions so that the Dash cart brings the shoppers to these targeted displays. The end result is increased the customer basket size (i.e. purchases per visit) and greater customer loyalty.

Key Features of the Dash Robotic Shopping Cart include:

Customizable, intuitive user interface
Checkout on-board to pay for items in the cart using credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Wallet
After payment, the cart takes the customer's items to their car then returns itself to the store, ready for the next customer
Available integration with existing shopping apps and point-of-sale systems
Integrated security and loss prevention features to reduce and prevent theft and fraud, plus ability to integrate with the store's security system
Included Docking Station for Automatic Recharging
"The Dash Robotic Shopping cart will absolutely transform the way we do shopping. Once these robots are in the stores, we will not be able to imagine how we ever shopped without them", says CEO Wendy Roberts.

For more information on Dash, visit:

Five Elements Robotics was founded in 2012 by Wendy Roberts. Five Elements Robotics is dedicated to transforming the human robot relationship by providing high quality affordable robots to everyday people and businesses. Located in Wall, NJ Five Elements Robotics is also the developer of the following highly acclaimed robots:
5e Connect Robotic Platform
5e NannyBot
5e VirtualRep

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