New AZ Series Products Now with Neugart’s Planetary Gear, 42 mm Motor and New Pulse Input Driver with RS-485 Communication

Expanded AZ Series Product Line-up Now Includes New Gear Heads, New Motors and Drivers

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the expanded line-up of our popular AZ Series absolute mechanical encoder stepper motor product line. The new additions include new planetary gear heads by Neugart, a new longer 42 mm motor and new pulse input drivers with RS-485 communication. These new releases allow for greater end user design flexibility and expandability.

To provide demanding applications with higher output torque, higher overhung and thrust loads in a compact and affordable motor gear combination, Oriental Motor has partnered up with Neugart. Neugart's high torque, high precision planetary gear heads are optimized planetary gear mechanism with fully hardened gears. Its sun and planetary gears are honed to guarantee extremely high torque density, long life and low backlash. The planetary gear heads' service life are rated at 30,000 hours and available in 5:1, 10:1, 20:1 or 40:1 ratios as part of our AZ Series product solutions.

Complementing the new planetary gear heads is our new and longer 42 mm, size 48 motor, providing torque range between our popular shorter AZM46 42 mm and AZM66 60 mm AZ Series motors.

Two new drivers with pulse input and RS-485 communication are introduced to the AZ Series product line-up. These new drivers allow the host PLC to directly monitor driver functions while driving the motor through Pulse and Direction.

The AZ Series Mechanical Absolute Encoder is available as a leading closed loop, battery free absolute motion solution sold as a Motor + Driver, or as the engine pre-mounted on our Linear Actuator and Rotary Actuator packages, allowing for advanced performance across a wide range of applications. All AZ Series products are available in Pulse Input or Built-In Controller (Network) Types in AC or DC Input. A DC Input Multi-Axis Controller / Driver with EtherCAT is also available to connect up to 4 axes with one unit.

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