World's First Portable Toilet Cleaning Robot Earns Prestigious TWICE Picks Award as a Top CES 2018 Product

Innovative Giddel™ by Altan Robotech™ Debuts at CES and Noted as 'Best the Tech Sector has to Offer'

WHITESTONE, N.Y., March 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Giddel™ by Altan Robotech (USA), ™ Inc., the world's first portable toilet cleaning robot, debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES 2018) and earned the prestigious TWICE Top Picks Award that honored the best products of CES 2018. The patent-pending, patent-design registered Giddel, which is pending UL certification, revolutionizes the home service robotic market by having the ability to safely and hygienically clean multiple toilets in the home.

Adam Goldstein, Executive Vice President for New Bay Media/Twice Magazine expressed, "Our panel of experts from the industry recognized the Altan Robotech Giddel as a well-designed robot that uses the latest in arm motion technology and sensors to bring a quality product to the home cleaning robotic market."

"TWICE Picks are a microcosm of the collective genius of the technology industry and CES," said John Laposky, TWICE content director. "These products and technologies rise above and highlight the best the tech sector has to offer to improve lives, entertain us and increase our knowledge and our productivity." Link to the page:
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Alfred D'Souza, CEO and President of Altan Robotech, stated, "We are on a mission to bring service robots to households across North America. At Altan Robotech, Inc., we focus on improving everyone's quality of life through robotic empowerment. Our products work with excellence and intelligence, so families can focus on what is important. Your FAMILY MATTERS to us."

Featuring a high-end design, Giddel has a ground-breaking robotic arm driven by advanced sensors and sophisticated, heavy-duty mechanisms that facilitate unrivaled dexterity in consumer robotics to scrub even the hardest-to-reach areas. The highly flexible body allows it to clean most common round and elongated toilets in North America. Advanced software contains intelligent algorithms that provide safety and obstacle detection, so Giddel can be used in any home, including those with young children and pets.

Alex Rivera, Altan Robotech Vice President of Sales & Marketing, remarked, "The TWICE Top Picks Award is a tribute to our dedication to provide a well-designed, intelligent robot that brings value and time saving to households across North America."

David D'Souza, Research & Development Engineer at Altan Robotech, explained, "Added measures, such as a mounting check switch, and obstacle detection and navigation technology were engineered into Giddel. A built-in fluid system dispenses any common anti-bacterial toilet bowl cleaner, to guarantee thorough disinfection. Giddel systematically cleans the rim, underside of the seat, and the toilet bowl interior down to the drain to ensure hygiene."

After the cleaning cycle is complete, Giddel may be conveniently stored in its charging station. The toilet cleaning robot is engineered to be compact and lightweight for portability.

About Altan Robotech USA, Inc.
Headquartered in Whitestone, NY, Altan Robotech is on a mission to bring service robots to households across North America. At Altan Robotech (USA), Inc., we focus on improving the quality of family life through robotic empowerment. Our products work with excellence and intelligence, so families can focus on things that matter. Your FAMILY MATTERS to us. Altan Robotech's core competencies of research & development, sales, and marketing are poised to usher in a new and exciting generation of home robots to the consumer market.

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