Zivid One 3D vision at Automatica 2018

Demonstrating the Strength of Real-time Color 3D Camera Vision Solutions

OSLO, Norway, June 13, 2018 -- Visitors of automatica 2018 can experience how Zivid Labs' real-time 3D color cameras enable smart, industrial factory automation and robot vision. Zivid Labs' partners at the trade show will present automated robot solutions for logistics, bin-picking, and pick and place applications.

Zivid One 3D camera provides a representation of the world with unmatched data integrity in real-time and color. Several European partners offer live demos of their Industry 4.0 3D vision solutions enabled by the Zivid One 3D camera during automatica 2018 from June 19 to 22. You can see Zivid One in action at the different halls here;
• EUCLID LABS s.r.l. - Hall A4, Stand 214
• Pick-it N.V. - Hall B4, Stand 325
Zivid is also a MVTec Software GmbH image aquisition partner for a unique RGB solution. MVTec HALCON solutions are presented in Hall B5, Stand 305.
"We're experiencing a turning point for the automation industry, and with our integration partners we demonstrate the strength of 3D vision solutions," said Henrik Schumann-Olsen, CEO, Zivid Labs. "Adding machine vision to robot systems increases the flexibility and possibilities to solve real-world problems."
Under the slogan "Sophisticated Simplicity", Zivid One is built to make the encounter with 3D cameras less challenging. It arrives with all the items needed to connect. Supporting the 3D camers is Zivid Studio, a free tool and user interface which displays the actual image, point cloud, and height map straight from the pre-calibrated camera. Provided software APIs serve as the interface for most major machine vision software, operating systems, and programming languages like C++, C#, .NET, MATLAB, and Python.
For additional info and to book a personal demo with Zivid Labs, visit http://info.zivid.com/automatica-2018.

Zivid's award winning Zivid One camera is available now, via distributors and integration partners, or directly from sales@zividlabs.com. More information is available at www.zivid.com.
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About Zivid Labs
Zivid Labs is the leading provider of 3D cameras and software solutions for automated machine and computer vision applications. Adaptive industrial robots and production lines need human-like vision, and by using the award-winning Zivid One 3D camera to extract micrometer details and color info in real-time, robots can finally monitor, move, and act according to target objects.
With more than 60 years of in-house experience within optical sensors and 3D machine vision, Zivid Labs enables new and existing applications to be automated, and customers to improve time and cost in areas like quality control, bin-picking, logistics, and inspection. Zivid One is the ultimate set of eyes for Industry 4.0 applications.
Zivid One has received numerous awards for its technical features and design implementation, including "Top Innovation" by inVISION Magazine, "Gold Honoree 3D Camera" by Vision System's Innovators Award, and Red Dot's "Product Design" award. Find more information about how Zivid Labs is shaping the future of 3D vision at http://www.zivid.com

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