HRG Showcases Robotics Biosphere At automatica 2018

Developed over three years, HRG's Robotics Biosphere (the "Biosphere") has provided support and services to companies in the robot industry to land, grow and sustain their businesses in China.

HIT Robot Group (HRG), one of China's leading robot manufacturers, has presented its Robotics Biosphere, a comprehensive set of services for companies at various business stages, to attendees at automatica 2018, an international exhibition for automation and robotics taking place in Munich, Germany. HRG has also showcased eight of its products and connected with hundreds of clients that are looking to explore the Chinese market.

Developed over three years, HRG's Robotics Biosphere (the "Biosphere") has provided support and services to companies in the robot industry to land, grow and sustain their businesses in China. With this new suite of tools, along with its experience working with companies such as ABB, KUKA and HOCOMA on robot products and education services, as well as its latest technological breakthroughs and services, HRG is positioned to be a "Golden Partner" to companies looking to enter the Chinese market.

"This is the second time that HRG has attended automatica, and this year we are proud to showcase our latest achievements - most especially our 'Robotics Biosphere,' which has already helped over 80 companies transform their technological achievements into market value," said Wang Meng, Chief Executive Officer of HIT Robot Group. "We've upgraded our service from initially helping the Harbin Institute of Technology transform their academic achievements accelerating companies by providing support commercializing research findings, talent management, and access to HRG's wide variety of resources in China," he said.

HRG's Biosphere has three divisions, covering three major stages of a company's growth:

Innovation - Supports research and development efforts on core technologies and products.
Entrepreneurship - Focuses on incubating startups, coordinating academic-industry cooperation, and helping early-stage teams grow into mature managers.
Industry - Guides companies at different stages to maturity and finally enter their defined market.
At the event, HRG has released its "2018 Analysis Report On the Robotics Industry In China," with Hit Insights, and the China Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation. The report sheds light on the latest trends and challenges in Chinese robotics industry and evaluates the status of the country's supply chain.

Additionally, HRG has showcased a slew of its latest products, including its Skill Assessment Training Platform for Industrial Robotics, T5 Collaborative Robot, Precision Cycloidal-Pin Gear Speed Reducer, and Bang Bang, a marketing platform for smart manufacturers to navigate the Chinese market, among others.

About HIT Robot Group

HIT Robot Group (HRG), founded in 2014, is one of China's leading robotics companies. It focuses on manufacturing a range of robots and robotic equipment for different industries, and is a solution and service provider for technology companies. Currently, HRG has a presence in 13 major Chinese cities and overseas offices in Washington D.C., California, Frankfurt, Seoul and Tokyo.

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