New Health Community presents Charlie, an autonomous medical robot!

Discover it at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, at Booth 50 000

Occasionally, hospitals can be a source of stress, either for the patients or for the caregivers. In fact, doctors, surgeons and nurses often feel overworked, which can cause additional frustration to the patient who feels lonely and anxious. That is why New Health Community, a French startup specialized in Digital Health, launches Charlie, the first autonomous medical robot that brings relief and comfort to patients, their families and the medical staff!

Digital Health, a promising development!
Healthcare System becomes connected in order to respond to todays challenges and needs, mostly at hospitals, with the aim of: facilitate the accessibility of people with disabilities, respond to the lack of support to medical staff, properly handle health data, coordinate healthcare and make the patient the main player in their healthcare.

This is why New Health Community launches Charlie, the first autonomous medical robot that reassures the patient, making him/her the leading actor of their healthcare, by reinventing the communication in healthcare and assisting health professionals on their everyday basis.

Charlie, the connected companion, in service of both patients and caregivers!
Charlie is controlled from a distance via a smartphone, tablet or a PC, but it can also be used directly
via its 24 inches screen. Thanks to its suspensions, it can easily enter elevators by itself without any
human assistance.

Charlies aim is to facilitate the communication process between the patient and its medical team
bringing relief and support simultaneously. How? By adjusting its functions (via its integrated
applications, games and connected objects) to the different needs of each patient. In order to
achieve optimal communication, a video conference application allows the patient to contact his/her
doctor at any time, even if he/she is in a separate room. This allows caregivers to calm any fears that
the patient may have, without having to move themselves across the building.

Charlie "embodies":
 Sophrology applications for relaxation, pain and stress management to reduce patients
stress and anxiety.
 Multiple applications and video games, as well as Internet access, to entertain the patient.
Watching videos on Youtube is one example.
 Documents, videos and other interactive elements in order to respond to the patients
inquiries. For example, Charlie plays explicit videos to inform on ambulatory procedures.
 Connected objects to make the patient the leading player of their healthcare. Charlie keeps
in his "belly" a digital tensiometer, oximeter and stethoscope, so as the patient can be fully
engaged. The only thing he/she must do is to follow the instructions given by the robot!

Charlie is simply the best companion to never feel lonely and stressed in a hospital again!
New Health Community acknowledges the great importance of data privacy. The software,
applications and connected objects that Charlie disposes of, allow the robot to collect personal
health data and create patient files. Evidently, those files are subject to privacy and confidentiality
legislation and are not disclosed (they are kept confidential).

Charlie, a robot that adapts to everyones needs!
Charlie adapts to each patient, to his/her needs and requirements. In case of visual impairment, it
helps the person to move around through vocal guidance. It can also give visual instructions with
subtitles (cards, documents, images and videos) to guide people with hearing disabilities. In case of
speech disorders or autism, Charlie uses a pictogram application that facilitates the communication
with the patient. Finally, for those who use a wheelchair to move around, Charlie displays the
information on the lower side of the screen in order to be on their sightseeing level.

About New Health Community
New Health Community is a French startup created in 2017 by Nicolas Homehr, a medical doctor who
specializes in the digitalization of healthcare system. Its aim is to fight against inequalities in medical healthcare and to improve the Healthcare System. The startup is addressing doctors, students, interns, and researchers, architects of the Healthcare System in France and abroad. Home Hospital Robotics -Charlie, was "born" in August 2018 and since September multiple partnership agreements have been signed all over France. New Health Community is supported by Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region and they will present Charlie on the CES 2019 in Las Vegas next January!

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