Brain Corp Using NVIDIA Jetson for Latest Robotics Product Powered by BrainOS®

Designed specifically for use in commercial spaces such as retail and office environments, Whiz will be sold to the Japanese market starting in 2019.

Brain Corp, an AI company specializing in the development of self-driving technology for robots, announced today that it is using NVIDIA Jetson for its latest initiative - an autonomous commercial vacuum cleaner from SoftBank Robotics.

Known as "Whiz," the autonomous commercial vacuum cleaner will be powered by BrainOS®, Brain Corp's proprietary operating system. BrainOS provides the machines with autonomous navigation and data collection capabilities, all tied into a cloud-based reporting system. Designed specifically for use in commercial spaces such as retail and office environments, Whiz will be sold to the Japanese market starting in 2019.

At an NVIDIA press event in Santa Clara, CA, Brain Corp showcased the product and explained its ability to navigate crowded, complex environments. People can quickly train the robot by showing it an initial route, and then have it run on its own with the press of a single button. Whiz uses multiple sensors to scan its surroundings for people and obstacles, providing the industry's highest level of safety and performance.

"The NVIDIA Jetson TX2 is a proven solution that can run modern AI algorithms at the edge, allowing us to deploy 'brains for robots' to commercial applications," said Jean-Baptiste Passot, VP of AI and Platform for Brain Corp. "We look forward to enabling the robot revolution alongside leaders such as NVIDIA."

"The goal of NVIDIA Jetson is to drive the next wave of intelligent machines with our innovative architecture. A world where humans and robots co-exist is now possible because of the state-of-the-art technologies that companies such as Brain Corp are developing to bring these products to life," said Murali Gopalakrishna, head of product management of autonomous machines, NVIDIA.

About BrainOS®
BrainOS is the foundation of Brain Corp's technology platform. It is a proprietary operating system that integrates with off-the-shelf hardware and cloud technology to provide a cost-effective "brain" for robots. BrainOS has computer vision and AI libraries that enable quick and efficient development of smart systems that learn and adapt to people and complex environments. Its navigation stack provides advanced self-driving capabilities for cluttered and dynamic indoor environments.

About Brain Corporation
Brain Corporation (Brain Corp) is a San Diego-based AI company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous navigation systems for everyday machines. The company enables the rollout and scalability of robotics solutions by partnering with commercial equipment manufacturers and key technology providers. Brain Corp is funded by the SoftBank Vision Fund and Qualcomm Ventures. For more information or to access videos of its robots, please visit

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