Autonomous Logistics Robots Controlled by MOV.AI's Operating System Are Making the Parcel Sorting Process of the Portugal Postal Services Scalable and Safer

MOV.AI operating system is making CTT's parcel sorting process more reliable, safer, more efficient and scalable, operating in accordance with all CTT's requirements

MOV.AI announced today that it has successfully installed its operating system in industrial logistics robots at the parcel sorting handling center of CTT, the Portugal Postal Services. This enables CTT to process over 10,000 parcels per hour around the clock, while eliminating the risk of injured workers.

CTT wanted to make its parcel sorting process safer and more scalable. The parcels arrive at the sorting machine stacked in 8 boxes of up to 20 kg each per wheeled pallet. A worker is tasked with feeding those boxes manually into the conveyor sorting machine. The process involves pushing/pulling the heavy loaded pallets and lifting the heavy boxes. Due the physical strain, workers have to be replaced every couple of hours.

CTT was looking for a way to make the process faster and safer. The robots should be able to pull and lift the thousands of wheeled pallets and boxes in its human operation logistics center. It issued a tender for the automatic feeding of the boxes using AGVs (Autonomous Logistics Vehicles). CTT opted for RoboSavvy's TugBot robots powered by MOV.AI's operating system.

By deploying initially two TugBots and a Kuka industrial robotic arm, the human process of bringing pallets loaded with parcel boxes, to the parcel sorting machine and unloading them, became completely automated. MOV.AI also controlled the actions of a Kuka industrial robot arm and the safety Programmable Logic Control (PLC) in charge of the robotic arm's surrounding gate. This allowed entrance and exit of the TugBots in a safety zone. A third TugBot was added to increase throughput.

Limor Schweitzer, Founder & CEO of MOV.AI stated: "MOV.AI's software orchestrated the automated operation of several robots that collaborate with humans. We enabled intelligent automation of parcel logistics by having robots perform physical tasks that could otherwise pose risks to the safety and health of human workers. The parcel sorting process also became more efficient, reliable, and able to handle more parcels per hour as well as to scale with the needs of CTT."

About MOV.AI
MOV.AI provides an industry-grade operating system for autonomous intelligent collaborative robots for universal commercial use. The Company was founded by Limor Schweitzer, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in developing robots, robotic solutions and sales robotic equipment. MOV.AI has a strong team of best-of-breed robot developers with more than 13 years of experience. MOV.AI's main target audiences are manufacturers of material handling equipment, automation integrators, and other collaborative robot manufacturers.

About RoboSavvy
RoboSavvy Ltd. Manufactures the TugBot, an industrial logistics mobile robot designed to replace people moving carts and materials in industrial setting. RoboSavvy also specializes in sales, distribution, development and support of robotic and engineering products. It is based in London with its R&D Lab in Lisbon, Portugal.

About CTT
Founded in 1520, CTT - Correios De Portugal, S.A., together with its subsidiaries, provides postal and financial services worldwide. The company operates through Mail, Express & Parcels, Financial Services, and Banco CTT segments. It offers courier, urgent mail, and merchandise services; banking services; services related with the distribution of advertising mail; and physical and hybrid mail production, as well as electronic document management services. The company also provides transport solutions in the road haulage market; and services related to the information and communication technologies, such as invoice processing and digital receipts.

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