ROEQ Ready with Cart, Adapter and Top Module for New MiR250 Mobile Robot

Denmark-based robotics company ROEQ launches three new products simultaneously with the reveal of Mobile Industrial Robots’ new MiR250 mobile robot at one of the world's largest logistics expos, MODEX 2020. ROEQ’s new cart, adapter and top module work seamlessly with the MiR250, providing a fully automated workplace flow.

When Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), the leader of autonomous mobile robots, launches a new robot, it's imperative that accessories for the robot are immediately available as well. "The timing of our launches is a testament to our commitment and emphasizes our ability to further strengthen our position as the leading provider of customized accessories for MiR's flexible robots," says CEO of ROEQ, Michael Ejstrup Hansen.

"This means we can now base new product design on the knowledge and user-feedback received since we started developing MiR accessories three years ago."

For users of MiR's new robot, the combination of the new products from ROEQ and the MiR250 will feel like a well-rounded solution. Visitors at the MODEX trade show held this week in Atlanta, USA will be able to enjoy a selection of ROEQ's products at MiR's booth.

"All ROEQ's solutions are designed to be plug and play, i.e. they "meld" with the MiR robot and operate as one unit. This means that they are easy to use for transport functions, e.g. moving goods from production to storage in an industrial company, or transport items in a logistics center or hospital," says Hansen.

New Shelf-Cart 300 does not require docking station

A mobile robot is a flexible platform on which users can install the modules that best suit the transportation needs of the individual end-user. The Shelf-Cart 300 is a vehicle for carrying up to 300 kg (661 lbs) , that the MiR250 can pick up and deliver anywhere in the workplace, even without a docking station. "Many of our customers have requested the option of free space pick-up and delivery. The Shelf-Cart 300 now makes this possible," says the ROEQ CEO.

Customers with existing ROEQ top modules for other MiR robots can still use these on the MiR250 thanks to ROEQ's newly developed Adapter Module 250. The new adapter enables the use of three of the existing ROEQ top modules on the new MiR250 robot, increasing flexibility while improving the top modules' return on investment. Customers can now expand an existing fleet of e.g. MiR200 robots with MiR250 robots, ensuring that two different generation robots can pick up and deliver the same cart.

ROEQ's third new product is the Shelf Carrier 300 Extended, an extended top module specifically designed for the MiR250 robot, making it long enough to carry e.g. Euro pallets without compromising safety. "Our new products may seem relatively simple at first glance, but ensuring an intuitive user experience has required significant R&D efforts," says Hansen, noting how ROEQ products are now moving into second generation as well. "This means we can now base new product design on the knowledge and user-feedback received since we started developing MiR accessories three years ago."

About ROEQ

ROEQ develops equipment for mobile robots that effectively bridges the gap between the warehouse and production, allowing the industry to achieve fully automated internal logistics between storage and production. ROEQ was founded in 2017 and is a 100% Danish-owned company with the majority of the robotic components also supplied by Danish companies. Today, ROEQ develops, manufactures and sells its products in 28 countries through 83 distributors.

ROEQ's range of top modules and cart solutions makes it possible for a MiR robot to pick up/drop off carts or pallets with items on e.g. a conveyor belt with no human involvement. ROEQ's equipment is used in the industrial and logistics sector, as well as the healthcare sector. In Denmark, examples include Velux and Copenhagen University Hospital, while giants such as Visteon, Google, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Stryker, Unilever, Faurecia, British Aerospace, Repsol and Volvo are also among the company's customers.

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