6 River Systems Promises People First: Strengthens Capabilities to Protect Associates in Dark Stores, Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers

New recommendations aim to increase employee safety and maintain business continuity for companies worldwide

6 River Systems (6RS), part of leading global commerce company Shopify Inc., released recommendations to its customers to further protect employees from pathogens during the picking process in dark stores, warehouses and fulfillment centers. Dark stores are retail centers or distribution centers solely used for online order fulfillment. The company's recommendations span operational modifications, improvements to the hardware and software for its collaborative robot, Chuck, and highlight the availability of new products for its wall-to-wall fulfillment solution.

"Since the beginning, our priority has been the safety and empowerment of the associates using our solution," said Jerome Dubois, co-CEO and co-Founder of 6 River Systems. "These updated capabilities build on the best practices and safety protocols we've developed over the last several years, allowing operators to continue getting the most from their fulfillment solution while protecting the most valuable asset within their business: the people they employ."

Enhanced zoning and order allocation

6RS is collaborating closely with all customers to optimize sites for social distancing measures already in place. Without making changes to a site's operational design, Chuck enables a base-level of social distancing by automating long walks between induct, active picking and takeoff areas, reducing crowding on the warehouse floor.

By restricting aisle traffic and setting static zoning rules, operators can also ensure associates remain within their own zones while Chuck crosses from one to the next.

Low-touch collaborative robot

Health and hygiene recommendations differ from operation to operation. Chuck is designed with large, easy to clean and robust action and pause buttons and lights, reducing interactions with touchscreens. Chuck's touchscreens are compatible with styluses and with a wide variety of gloves, which helps prevent cross-associate contamination.

To further encourage associate hygiene, 6RS is updating its software to remind associates to wipe down Chuck's high-touch areas as soon as they begin work with a new robot. 6RS is actively working to create an accessory for all customers to equip Chucks with a holder for hand sanitizer, wipes and gloves.

Expanded wall-to-wall solution

In addition to previously announced enhancements to Chuck, 6RS is now offering a tote autoloader/unloader solution to customers. This type of automation increases safety by reducing touches to common surfaces and will increase customers' throughput during peaks.

To learn more about 6 River Systems and how it's supporting customers through the COVID-19 crisis, please visit https://6river.com/how-6-river-systems-protects-warehouse-associates-during-covid-19/.

About 6 River Systems:

Founded in Waltham, Mass. in 2015, 6 River Systems is a leading collaborative mobile robotics fulfillment solution provider and part of global commerce company Shopify Inc. Founders Jerome Dubois and Rylan Hamilton were previously executives at Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics). The 6 River Systems solution is operating in more than 20 facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, fulfilling millions of units each week for companies including Lockheed Martin, CSAT Solutions, ACT Fulfillment, DHL, XPO Logistics, and Office Depot. To learn about 6 River Systems and its wall-to-wall fulfillment solution, please visit www.6river.com.

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