Alterra Robotics launches new autonomous security robot

Alterra Robotics, a silicon valley-based startup aiming to transform the physical security industry, has launched a new line of autonomous security robots as the adoption of robotics accelerates across the sector.

Alterra Robotics' new Sirius Patrol Bot is designed to augment existing security teams by serving as a force multiplier, autonomously patrolling facilities, using the latest AI technology to detect and report anomalies such as intruders, vehicles, and suspicious objects to security teams.

Alterra Robotics' CEO Nikhil Raghu says "Organizations have faced a perennial challenge to recruit and retain security staff, their teams are stretched thin and they struggle with a lack of visibility across their security operations. These challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few organizations have been implementing robots and automation as part of their long-term strategies to take over tasks from humans in high-risk areas, and it seems COVID-19 has forced some of them to take a serious look at adoption sooner than they had planned.

We developed Sirius specifically to integrate with existing operations, keep personnel out of harm's way, and allow teams to do more with fewer resources. It is ideally suited for 24/7 repetitive, boring patrols required in outdoor perimeter security operations".

Alterra Robotics supplies and maintains the unit for a monthly lease and provides white-glove service with initial setup and training. The robots are built, monitored, and maintained in-house.

AI-enabled anomaly detection and an automated alert system allow one security operator to manage multiple robots globally through a command-and-control dashboard.

"We've worked hard to listen to the industry and offer the latest technology at a price point that we believe drives a lot of value for the 8000+ security firms in the US alone. We have specifically designed a system that integrates easily with an organization's existing security camera network. Our robot is designed to operate across large outdoor and indoor facilities, effectively run 24/7, and do so at a significantly cheaper cost than a human security guard."

About Alterra Robotics

Based in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Alterra Robotics was founded to help organizations transform the effectiveness and efficiency of their security operations through its innovative autonomous robotic platforms.

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