Meet - The First Interactive Robotic Bartender

Have you ever imagined that you could walk up to a robotic bartender, interact with it using voice commands, and have a delicious cocktail made autonomously and immediately? That's the main idea the team had in mind when they first started working on, way before the global pandemic even began and raised the need for contactless, voice-operated technology in public spaces.

The Robotic Bartender was built with a slim futuristic design, enhanced conversational AI and voice recognition abilities, a touch-screen, cool LED lights, and a new female bartender that became the face of the brand - Cecilia.

Other than entertaining visitors and mixing delicious and precise cocktails, the robotic bartender is also capable of "non-human" abilities such as collecting data and analyzing it into actionable insights, displaying a screen with ads and branding, being fully customized for every occasion, and working 24/7 with no need for rest or bathroom breaks. is offered for both lifetime purchasing and rental. Businesses like airports, hotels, and stadiums can buy Cecilia to save some costs, bring a new source of income, or just stand out and draw new customers with an innovative and unforgettable experience.
Companies, event producers, or private people who'd like to have an outstanding attraction that would grab everyone's attention at conferences or events, can rent Cecilia on a daily or an hourly basis.

With Cecilia, things will never be the same. Have yourself a unique bartending experience, never seen anywhere, and customize Cecilia to fit perfectly for your business's needs.

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ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Robotic Platforms

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